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Rules, Regulations / Terms

  1. The fees paid are non-refundable and non transferable under any circumstance.
  2. Failure to pay fees by the due date shall result imposition of fine.
  3. Batch transfer is not permitted. In special cause by required to pay the requisite transfer fee
  4. The Institute reserves the right in make any changes / amendments to terms and conditions of admission at any time.
  5. Student is required to inform the Institute about any changes in his / her contact details including permanent / correspondence / PG address, email-id at any point of time.
  6. The Institute may make mandatory the submission of any certificate or documents before or at the time of admission or after words, for the purpose of admission or otherwise, as decided by the Institute.
  7. Student undertake / certify that the document submitted by him / her original / genuine and not take and to the best of him / her knowledge. If found otherwise the fee of the student shall be forfeited and separate legal action would be taken by the Institute.
  8. Institute reserves the right to contact admission if students fails to submit relevant document or otherwise if fails to fulfill any confusion.
  9. Institute will change the fees for carious facilities like reappear / backlog etc. and dedicated form time to time.
  10. Students should keep him / her if himself / herself well versed with updates in the Institute through our notice boards / website.

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  • Minimum Pay Rs. 5000 to Block the Admission Online. Pay Now!
  • Please visit the nearest branch within 72 hours to confirm your admission
  • Name of the Bank : ICICI Bank
    Name of the Beneficiary: Council of Education & Development Programmes Pvt. Ltd
    Account No. of the Beneficiary: 119505000156
    IFSC Code: ICICI0001195
    Address: LBS Marg Mulund West Branch, Mumbai