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Bachelor of Technology


4 year (Annual / semester)


12th or Equivalent

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Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) is a professional undergraduate engineering degree programme awarded to candidates after completion of four years of study in the field. The curriculum of the B.Tech course includes professional subjects specific to the course of pursuance of the specific aspirants while educating them in the nitty-gritty of the technical aspects of the course. This course helps students in all ways such as developing technical skills, soft skills, and analytical skills.

There are many reputed institutions/ universities in India which offer B.Tech course in various specializations such as Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, etc. Since the world needs technologist experts in various streams for development, the job scope is always high in demand.

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    Benefits of pursuing B Tech


    Career Prospects

    The job opportunities for B Tech graduates are huge in technical fields. Any graduate who has successfully pursued a B Tech degree can get a job in almost all the sectors in India. Besides being hired as engineers, B Tech graduates are also hired as consultants, subject matter experts, researchers, managers etc.


    Well-Structured Course

    The course helps the students become professional engineers. It helps inculcate in the students an awareness of the erstwhile needs and requirements of the world and channel their analytical and technical prowess to solve problems amidst constraints and effective resource allocation.