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AHSR-Advance Diploma Level 6

AHSR-Advance Diploma Level 6

If you have relevant skills and work experience that Australia needs, we have jobs for you in Australia.

If you dream to immigrate, work and settle in Australia, apply for Advance Diploma Level 6, a RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) qualification offered by AHSR (Australian Hospitality Skills Recognition). The qualification is internationally recognized and makes you eligible to progress from executive to management profiles.

Candidates neither have to attend regular lectures nor appear for the exams. If you have minimum 5 years of work experience irrespective you have any formal qualification or not, you can apply for this qualification. Having this certificate means a plenty of opportunities in Australian hospitality industry and increase chances become a permanent resident of Australia.

Benefits of qualification

  • Progress from executive to management profiles
  • Easy visa procedure to move to Australia
  • Immigrate and work in Australia
  • Immigrate and work in Australia
  • Applications are processed within 6 months
  • Australian government recognized certificate
  • Offers 10 points towards Australian Immigration Points
  • Better chances to obtain PR in Australia


5 Years of Work Experience


21 to 45 Years


Not required

Certificate is awarded to professionals associated with following departments:

  • Hospitality
  • Leadership and Management
  • Human Resource Management

Why get Advance Diploma Level 6?

Obtain PR in Australia

Advance Diploma Level 6 improves the chances to get Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia for the candidates who want to live and work in Australia.

Globally recognized certificate

Advance Diploma Level 6 is Australian qualification, which is internationally recognized as one of the highest standards of education in the world.

Expedites immigration process

The Qualification dramatically improves your career prospects as 10 points are awarded to the applicant required for immigrating to Australia.

No study no exams

Yes, it’s true! Applicants applying for the Diploma Level 6 qualification need not to study or appear for any exams to obtain it. If you meet the criteria, certificate will be awarded to the candidate.

Job opportunities

Obtaining the certificate opens up ample of opportunities for the aspirants dreaming to work in their dream destination. Candidates can easily get jobs in Australia that best matches their skills and experience.