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AHSR-Certificate Level 3

AHSR-Certificate Level 3

Certificate Level 3 is for the candidates having gap in study, less-experienced in a specific sector or have obtained any level of qualification and/or similar understanding and experience into the type of job role and sector they chooses to study.

No minimum qualification is required if candidate has 3-year of experience in the respective field.

No Studies and No Exams, if selected, you will be awarded!


Benefits of Program

  • A small-scale employment and top-up opportunity in Australian universities for final year entry.
  • Australian job market openings and Top-up programs offered to earn university degree entry.
  • Any classroom training is not required for the Level 4. We will be offering a certificate of Level 3 at a very minimal price having a dual benefit.
  • Candidates don’t have to bear living expenses or any kind of investment which is often required to study in Australia.
  • Through RPL program, candidate gets ample of opportunities to work in Australia at very nominal cost.


3 Years of Work Experience


21 to 45 Years