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Diploma in Industrial Safety

Core Benefits of pursuing a career as industrial safety officer

  • Work as Safety Officer in Oil and Gas, Chemical Plants, Cement Industry, Petrochemicals etc.
  • Great job opportunities with IT companies, consulting firms, audit agencies, international research and HSE companies.

Diploma in Industrial Safety

Growing mechanization in industries such as Petrochemical, Chemical, Engineering Industries and the Construction has surged the demand of certified health and safety professionals who are well trained in monitoring the work environment.

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12th & Above


18 - 30 Years

Total Duration

1 Year

Steps to make you pro

The industrial safety course trains the candidates in the field of occupational risks and health issues. It empowers them with knowledge, skills, and awareness in workplace safety, fire prevention, health and environment associated with industries.

Study Tours:
Industrial visits or study tours are organized for the students by the institute to introduce them to safe working procedure that will help them acquire apt skill sets and enhance their employment opportunities.

Industry-expert Faculty:
Theory classes are conducted by industry-expert academicians who are abreast with the latest advancements and changing nature of work in the domain.

What will you learn?

  • Safety Engineering
  • Quality Control in occupational Safety and Health
  • Health Safety and Environment Legislation
  • Safety in chemical Industry

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Career opportunities if you have Industrial Safety certification by your side

  • Safety Officer in Oil and Gas, Chemical Plants, Food Processing, Textile, Paper Industry, Thermal Power, Oil Refineries etc.
  • You can be recruited as Safety Officer in industries like Transportation, Tourism, Packaging, Logistics, and Insurance etc. handling the fire-related accidents.
  • You will find great job opportunities with IT companies, consulting firms, audit agencies, international research and HSE companies.

Overview of Diploma in Industrial Safety Course

If you’re looking for a lucrative career as an industrial safety professional, enroll in Diploma in Industrial Safety course. The short-term training program that enables you to acquire the apt knowledge and skills required to mitigate industrial accidents.

It will help you acquire knowledge of risk management techniques, safety management operations, monitoring safety and health operations, improving general safety measures, and effective firefighting techniques.

Our well-structured course comprises of:
Risk Management Techniques: The key role of industrial professional is to minimize the risk of injuries and accidents by implementing effective risk management techniques. The candidates will be introduced to effective risk management techniques designed to enhance their knowledge and awareness related to safety measures, health and environment.

Innovative Ideas: It is important for a safety professional to come up with an idea on how to improve safety measure and then implement them. We help students to come up with new ways of implementing and delivering safety strategies so that people can truly benefit from them.

Safety Education
It is a job role of the safety professional to offer advice and tips to the employees about effective safety measures and, structure the work environment to reduce the life-threatening dangers. For which, he has to conduct seminars on safety topics in organizations. We at CEDP, help students to acquire these skills.

The fundamental topics covered in Industrial Safety course:

Risk management techniques

Safety management operations

Monitoring safety and health operations

Improving general safety measures

Effective firefighting techniques

Assured Industry Exposure

Employment Outlook

With unexpected fires and accidents taking place around the world, there is a great demand for certified safety professionals and fire fighters by the government as well as private organizations. Understanding the significance of health and safety, the organizations are recruiting certified industrial safety professionals who are skilled and have earned government-approved Certification.


Diploma in Industrial Safety is a one-year program for training the candidates in the field of occupational risks and health issues.

To become a safety officer, you need have specialized training. Some of the jobs require a certification or a degree in a related field.

It is a promising career as safety officers are in high demand across the country.

Salary may vary depending on a type of organization you are working in.

Enroll for 1-year Diploma in Industrial Safety program to become a certified safety officer.