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Diploma in Industrial Safety

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Diploma in Industrial Safety

Enroll for 1 year Diploma in Industrial Safety at CEDP Skill Institute, Mumbai to become a certified safety officer. We provide training, information, and understanding of preventing and dealing with accidents related to fire. An innovative curriculum is designed to provide the aspirants hands-on experience in carrying out successful fire and safety tasks. The course curriculum comprises of Communicative English and Computer Fundamentals, Physics and Chemistry Fundamentals, Basic Safety Engineering, Occupational Health and Safety, Fire Prevention and Control and Industrial Safety.

Unexpected fires and accidents are taking away thousands of lives each year around the world. As Government has laid down strict rules for having skilled safety professionals in almost all types of industries, there is a huge demand for skilled and certified industrial safety professionals. Become a certified professional by enrolling for Diploma in Industrial Safety course.

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Core Benefits

  • Work as Safety Officer in Oil and Gas, Chemical Plants, Food Processing, Textile, Paper Industry, Thermal Power, Oil Refineries, Cement Industry, Petrochemicals etc.
  • You will find great job opportunities with IT companies, consulting firms, audit agencies, international research and HSE companies.
  • You can be recruited as Safety Officer in industries like Transportation, Tourism, Packaging, Logistics, and Insurance etc. handling the fire-related accidents.


10th & Above


18 - 30 Years

Total Duration

1 Year

Secure your future during time of social distancing!
Get instant admission to the course in just Rs 999/-.
Admissions open, enroll now!

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*Terms & Conditions Apply

Industrial Safety course will train the students in:

  • Risk management techniques
  • Safety management operations
  • Monitoring safety and health operations
  • Improving general safety measures.
  • Effective firefighting techniques

CEDP’s Diploma in Industrial Safety course structure comprise

Risk Management Techniques

The key role of industrial professional is to minimize the risk of injuries and accidents by implementing effective risk management techniques. The students will be introduced to effective risk management techniques designed to enhance their knowledge and awareness related to safety measures, health and environment.

Innovative Ideas

It is important for a safety professional to come up with an idea on how to improve safety measure and then implement them. We help students to come up with new ways of implementing and delivering safety strategies so that people can truly benefit from them.

Safety Education

It is a job role of the safety professional to offer advice and tips to the employees about effective safety measures and, structure the work environment to reduce the life-threatening dangers. For which, he has to conduct seminars on safety topics in organizations. We at CEDP, help students to acquire these skills.

Why choose a career as Safety Officer?

Career Prospects

With the rise of unforeseen fatal accidents in the industrial sector, the importance of security of the property is increasing. Thus, demand for professionals with relevant skills in industry security has gradually increased. Fire Safety Management is one of the major growing careers and can be hugely rewarding as one takes the charge to protect and save others.

Employment Outlook

The industries are looking for the highly skilled and experienced professionals who are skilled at tackling fire related problems and creating and delivering security approaches. This has fueled the demand for safety professionals. If you are skilled and experienced in security management, then you are in great demand.

Good pay package

As the work of a security professional relates to the safety of valuable assets and person, it is important that the security professional should be well trained and highly skilled in handling the emergency situations. Certified and highly experienced industrial security professionals can earn a good pay package depending upon their work experience and abilities.


Diploma in Industrial Safety is a one-year program for training the candidates in the field of occupational risks and health issues.

To become a safety officer, you need have specialized training. Some of the jobs require a certification or a degree in a related field.

It is a promising career as safety officers are in high demand across the country.

Salary may vary depending on a type of organization you are working in.

Enroll for 1-year Diploma in Industrial Safety program to become a certified safety officer.