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Phlebotomy certification course offered by CEDP Skill Institute is ideal for class 12 students aspiring to get phlebotomy training. CEDP is an accredited training institute in Mumbai, thus you can be sure that your education meets the high standards required to get your certification and start your career. The 9-monnth course will train students to draw quality blood samples from patients with minimal pain and discomfort in the procedure. The course will prepare students for development of specimens, labeling the blood vials that you have filled and tube feeding. They will learn how to prepare specimens for clinical testing.

At CEDP Skill Institute, we focus on guiding students with the required employability skills to match the industry demands. They will learn the blood sampling procedure, venipuncture, or vein puncture that is handled differently for infants, children, adults and the elderly as all have veins that require different techniques. Later, the students will be placed in laboratories and hospitals for on-job-training. The healthcare experts will teach them how to safely handle lab equipment and clean up spills while ensuring that they and their co-workers are protected from infection and physical harm.

Core Benefits

  • Work in leading private or government hospitals
  • Work as trained and skilled phlebotomists in diagnostic centers
  • Set up your own labs or blood collection centre


12th & Above


18 & Above

Total Duration

9 months


3 months


6 Months

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Phlebotomy Course Structure

Phlebotomy deals with collecting blood from patients, storage of samples, labeling of samples and various other tasks. The training program covers topics such as:

  • Structure and function of human body
  • Introduction to lab related medical terminology
  • Pre analytical lab testing process
  • Infection control and prevention
  • Observing, reporting and documentation
  • Basic sensitization on analytical lab testing process
  • Soft skills and communication and more

Why pursue phlebotomy course from CEDP?

  • An accredited phlebotomy training institute
  • Simulated labs and equipment to aid student learning
  • Industrial visits, study tours and organize health checkup camps
  • On-job-training in leading hospitals and laboratories
  • Government Recognized Certification
  • 100% job guarantee upon course completion


A certificate program train students to draw quality blood samples from patients with minimal pain and discomfort in the procedure.

The course fee depends on what the institution offers as it varies from college to college.

To become a certified professional, you must have required qualification and relevant work experience. Phlebotomists draw blood and other specimens from patients in a variety of medical settings.

Phlebotomy can be a rewarding career as demand for phlebotomists is steadily increasing. You work with people from different walks of life so it is a great choice for aspirants who like working with variety of people.

To diagnose any kind of disease, drawing blood for clinical test is very important. Thus, phlebotomists are in very high demand across the world.

Phlebotomy training duration depends on college. At CEDP, we offer 9-month training program that includes 3-month theory and 9-month on-job-training.