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Core Benefits of pursuing a career as Phlebotomy

  • Work in leading private or government hospitals
  • Work as trained and skilled phlebotomists in diagnostic centers
  • Set up your own labs or blood collection centre


“Phlebotomy jobs are indeed exciting as experts have projected an increase of 17% in the coming years for this profession.”

Hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, blood donor centers, and other locations will need phlebotomists to perform sample collection tasks. Having a phlebotomy certification demonstrates that you have obtained skill and knowledge in this field and, thus making you eligible for healthcare industry jobs.

How will you become a skilled phlebotomist?

You can level up your career and become eligible to obtain high-paying jobs.

How? Watch now!!!


10th & Above


18 & Above

Total Duration

9 months


3 months


6 Months

Steps to make you pro

The students are trained by industry experts having rich experience in patient care services. Practical conducted in well-equipped labs aid our students learning and help them learn how to take good care of patient and how to assist patients with basic tasks and activities.

We place our students for on-job-training at leading hospitals to provide them a practical perspective of the workplace. As they work under the guidance of experts, it provides them an opportunity to ask questions related to their area of interest. They will help patients with daily routines, hygiene & medical needs.

Study Tours:
We organize industrial visits for the student to make them more aware of industry practices and regulations. They are able to identify their prospective areas of work and help patients with activities of daily living.

Industry-expert Faculty:
Theory classes are conducted by erudite academicians who are abreast with the changing nature of work in the domain. The lectures are delivered in fully air-conditioned classrooms ensuring the right ambience and atmosphere for intellectual stimulation.

Health Check-up Camps:
Students pursuing Phlebotomy course becomes the part of health check-up camps which further helps them improve their skill set.

What will you learn?

  • Collecting blood samples from patients
  • Labeling vials with patient names and dates
  • Preparing specimens for clinical testing

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Career opportunities if you have Phlebotomy certification by your side

  • Phlebotomy technician
  • Supervisory role
  • Management position
  • Opens doors to promotions as you learn new skill set

Overview of Phlebotomy Course

Pursue your dream career by enrolling in Phlebotomy certificate course from CEDP, an accredited phlebotomy training institute. It offers a great opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge you need to become a certified Phlebotomy technician. The course covers principles of specimen collection, maintenance and equipment usage, recordkeeping, types of laboratory specimens, storage of samples, labeling of samples and laboratory safety.

The Phlebotomy course will train students in the blood sampling procedure, venipuncture, or vein puncture that is handled differently for infants, children, adults and the elderly as all have veins that require different techniques. The innovative course curriculum is designed by experts covering the key topics including Structure and function of human body, Introduction to lab-related medical terminology, etc. to perform certain tasks beyond drawing blood, such as blood tests. It qualifies you for a higher salary and for senior positions in phlebotomy.

Enroll today to become an important part of the medical field as phlebotomy technician.

The fundamental topics covered in Phlebotomy course:

Structure and function of human body

Introduction to lab related medical terminology

Pre analytical lab testing process

Infection control and prevention

Observing, reporting and documentation

Basic sensitization on analytical lab testing process

Soft skills and communication and more

Assured Industry Exposure

Our placement cell, Capable Workforce has professional collaborations and alliances with leading hospitals in the country to place our students for paid On-the-Job-Training. The internship provides industry learning exposure, wherein students can learn intricate nuances of blood collection.

Our National Recruiters


A certificate program train students to draw quality blood samples from patients with minimal pain and discomfort in the procedure.

The course fee depends on what the institution offers as it varies from college to college.

To become a certified professional, you must have required qualification and relevant work experience. Phlebotomists draw blood and other specimens from patients in a variety of medical settings.

Phlebotomy can be a rewarding career as demand for phlebotomists is steadily increasing. You work with people from different walks of life so it is a great choice for aspirants who like working with variety of people.

To diagnose any kind of disease, drawing blood for clinical test is very important. Thus, phlebotomists are in very high demand across the world.

Phlebotomy training duration depends on college. At CEDP, we offer 9-month training program that includes 3-month theory and 9-month on-job-training.