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Diploma in Yoga


1 year (Annual / Semester)


12th or Equivalent

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Diploma in Yoga (DIY) is a 1-year program is designed for the candidates aspiring to make career in yoga field. The program allows them to gain essential knowledge and skills related to yoga science. It will provide new avenues to the students to learn, practice and propagate the techniques of this ancient science.

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    Key Features

    The 1-year Diploma program enable the students to:

    • Demonstrate basic knowledge and skills of yoga science necessary become yoga instructor.
    • Efficiently and ethically apply their knowledge and skills of yogic
    • Develop and implement yoga therapies to meet the healthcare and social needs of the society
    • Integrate different yogic paths for complementing healthcare treatments against various disorders.
    • Learn and apply utility modern tools for providing synergistic yogic relief to diverse communities.
    • Disseminate values of performing yogic kriyas in a perfect manner for wellbeing of the society.
    • Apply ethical principles in prescribing yoga therapy for various healthcare problems.
    • Understand and demonstrate the impact of yoga therapeutics in societal and environmental contexts.

    Benefits of pursuing Diploma in Yoga


    Career Prospects

    The prominence of Yoga has been on an increase across the globe, with more and more people knowing its benefits on health both in terms of physical and mental health. Students expertise in yoga can choose to become yoga instructors, trainers, guides and so on.


    Well-Structured Course

    The well-structures course trains the participants in Yoga exercises for physical fitness, Spiritual yoga, Yoga therapy, Yoga especially designed for kids, Yoga designed to benefit of seniors, Yoga for the couples, corporate yoga, and Prenatal and/or postnatal yoga.