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FAQ about CEDP Franchise

From our official website, you can find out two methods to calculate ROI. They are FOFO (Franchisee Owned – Franchisee Operated) and FOCO (Franchisee Owned – Company Operated).

FOFO (Franchisee Owned – Franchisee Operated):

Under this method, Franchisee will have his / her owned place of work, Will pay one time Franchisee fee, will pay all Operational Expenditure (Salary of Coordinator, Faculty, Rent of place and General Expenses), will enter Fee structure, Student kit and Tuition fees.

One has to keep the enrolment target and select from the given format.

On the basis of given parameters, you will get following:

  • Total Revenue
  • Net Profit
  • ROI

FOCO (Franchisee Owned – Company Operated)

Under this method, Franchisee will pay the Franchisee fees; will have his / her place of work and OPEX / Product Pricing will be managed by Company (CEDP).

This will help the Franchisee to select best option suitable for him / her pocket.

Following are steps to get the ROI from the calculator:

  1. Enter CAPEX value
  2. Select two of the four sectors on which you want to work.
  3. Enter OPEX value considering coordinator salary, Faculty salary, Rent and General Expenses.
  4. Enter Product pricing considering Fee structure, Student Kit, Tuition fees
  5. Enter sales (Enrolment) value.

On the basis of given parameters, you will get Total Revenue, Profit and ROI.

There are Terms and Conditions to avail CEDP Franchisee in agreement. You will come to know about it at the time of final sign-up.

We have expert team. They will give best support 24 x 7 to manage the entire business.