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Entrepreneurship Development Program

Looking for an opportunity to become an entrepreneur?

Learn to successfully establish your business by enrolling for 1-year weekend Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) offered by CEDP Skill Institute. This structured training program help aspirants develop and enhance their entrepreneurial abilities and polish their skills and capabilities required to run the business successfully.

Main objectives of EDP

The budding entrepreneurs need to possess certain competencies or traits which are the underlying characteristics of the entrepreneurs resulting in great performance. Our Entrepreneurship Development Program aims to inculcate, develop, and improve the capabilities and skills as the prerequisites of a person to become a successful entrepreneur.

Our main objectives are:

  • Train individuals to be an entrepreneur.
  • Help them acquire skills and capabilities to effectively play the role of an entrepreneur.
  • Prepare the individuals to exploit the market opportunities for own business successfully.
  • Provide knowledge of business to the people having no knowledge.
  • Make individual competent to scan existing market situation and environment.

Entrepreneurship Development Program trains individuals for:

Stimulatory Role

  • Develop managerial, technical, financial, and marketing skill
  • Inculcate personality traits
  • Promotes and transform entrepreneurial behavior and values
  • Help build appropriate attitude
  • Help in selection of products and preparation of project reports

Supportive Role

  • Registration of the business
  • Procurement of fund
  • Guidance in product marketing

Sustaining Role

  • Help in modernization, expansion, and diversification
  • Create new marketing processes
  • Guidance to access to improved services and facility centres

Benefits of enrolling for EDP

Develop and enhance entrepreneurial abilities

Polishes entrepreneurial skills and capabilities

Get trained for 100% success in new setup

Learn key entrepreneurial values

Equipped individuals with all the skills required to run their business smoothly.

Learn to setup and run business in 3 sectors:




Courses offered

Model 1


Model 2

Advisory with
Setup Support

Model 3

Ready to Run
Business Setup


The main objective of the program is to train the participants for 100% success in new setup. Through interesting techniques, our trainers will prepares them to exploit the market opportunities in a best possible way for running the business successfully. We aim to provide complete solutions to operational and strategic problems in business.

It is a 1-year weekend program to train you as a successful entrepreneur.

Sometimes, you may have skills but it requires polishing. Our well designed EDP training programme is designed by industry experts to help participants develop and polish their entrepreneurship skills to run their business successfully.

You will be capable to run a business and earn profits out of it after the course completion. We help you strengthen your entrepreneurial quality and abilities to set-up a business, and then run it successfully. You will learn how to crack down the key elements of effective business growth into a step by step process.

You will learn to create and capture value, study entrepreneurial marketing, evaluate market opportunities and then select the markets, and develop strategies for successful pitching and selling.

The concepts will be taught through lectures, trainings, workshops and guest lectures by high-profile entrepreneurs.

The budding entrepreneurs or candidates aspiring to set up their business can enroll for entrepreneurship development programs. It is an opportunity for them to develop key skills of entrepreneurship and learn all about business growth, best investment strategies and innovative approaches to production and marketing operations.