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Living a Childhood Dream: A Five Star Chef

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“My Journey from a Dreamer to a Achiever” – Birendra Yadav

I can describe myself as a guy fuelled with passion and always competing against myself to attain perfection. I want to reach out to all of you my young friends who all dream big like me – making big in the Hotel Industry. I come from the simple yet highly discipline family where-in my dad runs a local sweet shop and my mother is a housewife. Since my childhood I always dreamed about becoming a Bakery & Confectionery Chef. At our shop more than the cash-counter, kitchen was my favourite spot. Inquisitiveness about the flavours, the techniques for preparing various sweets and dressing them creatively always interest me most.

Let me take you to my journey from being a dreamer to achiever. After completing my higher studies my father wanted me to take up management studies and settle abroad. Though he did not like the idea of me choosing chef as my profession but neither he was totally against my decision. I was very sure about my career choice and started looking out for established and top institutes in Mumbai offering Hotel Management Courses. After profound research, many referrals and suggestions I zeroed down to Council of Education and Development Programmes (CEDP) Skills Institute.

What made me select this institute is the amazing faculty, syllabus structure, facilities, course duration and 100% job guarantee. Their syllabus cover topics like Food production, explores wide aspects of bakery and kitchen handling; Food & Beverage Service looks at nuances of foods and drinks served at hotels; Accommodation Operations is learning on management of guests and finally Front Office Operations for gaining insights on the aspects related to reception and front desk. The design of the course gives appropriate focus on course content and hands on training. The fact that CEDP institute is tied-up with 5 Star Hotels in India, Dubai and Singapore further boosted my decision.

As promised, CEDP Skills Institute placed my internship at one of the highly reputed and finest 5 Star Hotel in the world – InterContinental in Mumbai. The knowledge and skills I gained at CEDP Institute helped me to perfect my culinary skills and groomed me well. My work style and ethics impressed my seniors and they wanted me to become their permanent employee much before completion of my internship program.

Today it feels heaven as my dream to become a chef has come true and due credits goes to my parents, Vasim Sir and definitely CEDP Skills Institute. It gives me immense pleasure to inform everyone that I am selected as the ‘Commis’ in one of the world’s top rated five star – InterContinental Hotel. Thanks to all my friends who always labelled me a fiend for sweets as it fuelled my passion to know more about baking. I have my own reasons to love sweets and take ample pleasures in baking simple yet amazing sweets for my family and friends.

I am genuinely thankful to the counsellors at CEDP Institute who guided me on the course, Vasim Sir for being a wonderful mentor and whole team at CEDP Institute for making me what I am today. Vasim Sir often mentioned us during lecture sessions that along with the knowledge of food learn the significance of its role in creating bonds between people. I miss my days and all the fun-filled moments at the institute. I highly recommend you all to visit CEDP Skills institute because it helped me to fulfil my dream and bag chef-coat and chef-life at one of the most sought after international hotel. They provide professional and highly trained counsellors for career guidance. They will help you to achieve your dream too. Best wishes!