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Immigrate with an Australian Government Qualification

Our qualifications are recognized worldwide and not only enhance an individual’s career but also entitle the individual to work or immigrate to Australia, New Zealand or Canada. Our qualifications have the same curriculum and units as any of the institutes or universities in Australia.

Having this qualification means the individual is up to the Australian standards and the qualification gives the individual 10 points towards immigrating with family if the occupation is on the immigration list.

To gain an Australian government recognized qualification through RPL, there are no studies or examinations, just evidence of work experience and assessment of prior qualifications or in-house training programmes, if any, as Australia recognizes learning on the job. If we find a gap in your knowledge, we close that gap by way of online training.

Australia recognizes learning on the job and a person who does not have any prior qualifications but has ample work experience can qualify. If a candidate has prior qualifications from his/her home country or from any other country, this would make the qualification easier to achieve by way of credit transfer.

There is no interruption to work and a candidate can easily finish their RPL programme without having to take any time off their work.

Benefits of RPL qualifications:

Our qualifications are recognized all over the world.

  • Can be used to enhance one’s career
  • Can be used to find a sponsor for work
  • Can be used to immigrate
  • Can be used if the candidate wants to continue education in Australia or New Zealand and complete a degree. The units already achieved will be waived by the institute/university and this helps the candidate save money on fees and living costs in Australia as well as time. After achieving a degree in Australia, the candidate is eligible for 2 years of post-study work in Australia.
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RPL qualifications benefit three kinds of individuals:

  • The first kind is those that have working experience and have no qualifications at all but have learned their skills on the job.
  • The second kind is those that have qualifications in a field other than what they work in and would like to gain a qualification in the field they work in so as to enhance their career.
  • The third kind is those that have qualifications from their home countries and some work experience and would like to have their qualifications and work experience assessed up to international standards to be able to work or immigrate.

List of qualifications offered:

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RPL programme process to follow:

  • Candidate emails us his/her updated resume (in Word or PDF format only) as an attachment. Candidate should also send us a copy of the first page of his/her passport showing name, nationality, date of birth. We will only accept candidates whom we are confident can complete the qualification based on their CV. This means every candidate of ours whom we register will be successful.
  • We send the candidate a pro forma Invoice for the first installment of fees and the candidate makes payment and emails us a copy of the payment receipt.
  • We fill in the enrolment form and email it to the candidate. The candidate checks the details entered in the form are correct, signs the enrollment form and sends it back to us. The candidate will be enrolled in the Australian Government Education Department’s AVETMISS system which stands for (Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard) where the candidate will be given a unique number that will appear on the qualification and statements of attainment. This is used for verification by employers and the government to check the authenticity of the qualification. Important to note is that the name mentioned in the passport will be the name printed on the qualification.
  • Within 2/3 days of enrollment, our Assessor from Australia will get in contact with the candidate at times convenient to the candidate and discuss/analyze skills by collecting evidence and will help the candidate to achieve the qualification through assessment. There will be no interruption to work at all.
  • Once all units have been completed, the candidate receives a congratulatory email and the second invoice/receipt will be sent to the candidate and the candidate pays up fees completely. There will be an additional fee of US$ 100 to get the qualification notarized by a notary public in Australia. This is compulsory for all qualifications issued outside of Australia.
  • The qualification along with statements of attainment will be sent to the candidate by Australian Government Registered Post after getting it signed by a Barrister/Notary Public in Australia.. It will take about two weeks to reach the candidate from the date the final payment is cleared in the bank in Australia. In the meantime, a soft copy of the certificate and statements of attainment will be emailed to the candidate.
  • We send you a CV format to make out your CV.
  • We give IELTS classes (free of cost) for candidates who are interested in learning the tips and techniques to score high. We also email the candidates links and attachments on the PTE academic English test if the candidate prefers this to IELTS.
  • We connect possible sponsors with candidates who have successfully completed their RPL or if candidates are interested in applying for permanent residence directly, we can guide them or connect them up with an Australian government registered migration agent.

Please Note: We do not do recruitment or immigration but we can connect candidates to possible sponsors and with recruitment/immigration agents in Australia and New Zealand.