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Learning at Council of Education and Development Programmes

Our Founder and CEO, Ms. Shaheen Khan believes that learning should be a continuous process and a prominent skill to broaden one’s knowledge. It will encourage people to learn new things and imply knowledge to get the desired output.

At CEDP Skill Institute, we celebrate Learning Day periodically. Our enthusiastic team surf the internet to learn about new innovations and advances in their area of interest. This helps them modify their approach to tasks based on the unique demand of each situation. Moreover, exploring and learning new things brings creativity and knowledge in their life.

Skills for Life at Council of Education and Development Programmes

CEDPians never stand still! Join us and you’ll see for yourself.

Life skills are the unique skills and behaviors that help us deal effectively with the challenges of everyday life. There are always new directions to take, new opportunities to grab, and exciting challenges to grapple with. We’ll be always right behind you at every step – investing in your professional learning and personal growth.