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Mr.Viraj Jayakar at Skill Talk

We at CEDP Skill Institute believe that when students are guided by industry specialists, they learn a ton. CEDP family is truly grateful to Mr. Viraj Jayakar, Flight Manager with GoAir airlines for sharing his words of wisdom with our students of Diploma in Aviation and Cabin Crew program. “Skill Talk” organized for the students provided them a great platform to meet and interact with Mr. Viraj who has an extensive experience in aviation industry. The interaction helped the aspirants know about what he does and how it relates to the syllabus.

Mr. Viraj introduced the life of a cabin crew and the key attributes that every cabin crew should have such as pleasing personality, excellent communication skills, punctuality, discipline, and empathy, and most importantly should not have an ego. People with ego have no place in aviation industry.

Mr. Viraj shared the key responsibilities of a cabin crew which one should never ignore or take it lightly. Crew members should be well aware of number of flyers, especially those who are physically disabled. In case of evacuation, cabin crew should always help them first to move out of the plane safely.

He also shared the perks which every cabin crew enjoys such as visiting a new destination, meeting people from different walks of life and working with new coworkers every day.

By giving his real life examples, he encouraged the students to always be patience when at work and give their best to keep the passengers happy. During evacuation, one should always handle the situation patiently.

Mr. Viraj said, “Soft skills are an essential part of attracting and retaining customers. Thus, one should develop soft skills as they are very important in aviation industry.” He shared some great grooming tips because aviation industry looks for candidates who have a pleasing personality with enhanced soft skills. He further said, “Experience helps you grow and learn. There is no shortcut to success.”

He concluded the session by solving the queries of students related to his life experiences and aviation industry.

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