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Victory Coaching / Advance Soft Skill Development Course

Learn how to ‘Balance Your Life’ with QuickSKILL Program

Program Overview

Advance Soft Skill Development Program help the participants enhance their personal attributes that enable them to interact effectively with others. Soft skills training aims to improve individual’s problem solving, conflict management and other personal traits that are essential for a successful career. So attend the workshop to equip yourself with this lifetime skill!

So if finding a balance between work and life is a struggle for you, consider attending this workshop for an improved and balanced life. Develop the personal attributes that will enable you live a balanced life and help you grow and succeed in personal and professional life.

Most of the people often undervalue the importance of soft skills which are also essential for their overall development. Soft skills are invaluable part of learning which are needed at your workplace. Individual’s communication skills, work ethics, emotional intelligence and leadership abilities plays a vital role in becoming a successful professional. Thus, the program aims to foster learning the soft skills.

Each job role requires some soft skills to make the hard skills valuable. Males and females aspiring to improve their soft skill competence can pursue Advance Soft Skill Development program. The perfect knowledge, the training, and the abilities will make you a perfect fit for a job and capable to have a better balanced life.


Min. SSC


3 Months

 Why this program from CEDP Skill Institute?

Take your communications skills up to the next level by participating in Advance Soft Skill Development Program. Our program is well structured by the experts to keep the learning experience rewarding. It comprises of innovative insights, advanced methods and a whole new approaches.

How the program will be delivered?

The program is not just about imparting theoretical knowledge. Our Soft Skill Trainer, Ms. Sukriti Bhatacharya will help the participants develop soft skills through various fun activities and teach with a hands-on approach to promote their interest. Interesting techniques will be effectively used during the workshop as a tactile method of stimulating retention in participants. This includes:

  • Checklist
  • PPT
  • Personal Experience
  • Engaging activities
  • Videos
  • And loads of fun

 This program will enable you to effectively deal with the challenges of life, both personal and professional. During this advanced program you will learn & master various things including:

  • Make self-evaluations of your present requirements by taking a self-assessment to.
  • Take effective decision using your head and heart effectively.
  • Build a strong relationship by recognizing the forces that control them
  • Determine your higher self and identify your purpose and personal life mission.
  • Accurately and articulately define, write and speak your true passion.
  • Prepare a step-by-step balance plan for your future.
  • Identify and struggle against the mental roadblocks that refrain you from achieving success.
  • Handle conflict through effective communication.
  • Turn a midlife crisis into a midlife calling.
  • Interpret gestures and body language for greater rapport and connection.
  • Live with integrity irrespective of the situation.
  • Fully integrate everything you’ve learned for immediate implementation.


NSIC approved certificate will be provided to the participants after successful completion of the course.


Ms. Bhagyashree Kotwal is an excellent Soft Skills trainer with 2 years of experience in the relevant field. She provides training to individuals to help them strengthen their communication skills, analytical skills, decision-making skills, and interpersonal skills which are key components in career growth.

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