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Certificate Course in Car Modification

Certificate Course Overview

Certificate Course in Car Modification is an interactive program designed for the people who’re passionate to learn about Car Designing. You will learn to create concepts using sketches and computer-aided design programs for visual appearance and functional performer of vehicles and also understand the fundamentals of design and engineering.

The core topics included in the course includes computer-aided design, engineering material, vehicle design principles, computer programming fundamentals, economics of automotive manufacturing, and automotive electronics systems.

Eligibility – Min. SSC | Duration 3 Months

Lecture Scheduling: Twice a Week | No. of lectures: 24

Why this Certificate Course from CEDP Skill Institute?

Certificate Course in Car Design structured by CEDP Skill Institute includes a lesson plan, learning objectives, hands-on activities and videos. It will help students to enhance their competency and skills of designing a car.

How the program will be delivered?

An automobile designer will learn to create innovative and unique designs to enhance the appearance and functionality of vehicles. Our highly experienced professionals will teach with a hands-on approach to improve the competency of aspiring automotive designers. The automobile designing techniques will include:

Clay and functional modelling Car design software programs
Advanced engineering processes. Get hands on experience working with cars
Create basic sketches of the automobile using computer-aided drafting (CAD). Assembling & Dis-assembling by your own hands.

 What will this Certified Course cover?

Enroll for certificate in Car Modification course if you’re interested in designing exterior and interior components of automobiles. The course introduces the designer to advanced engineering process that go into designing, cars or any other vehicle that run on road. The course structure consists of:

History of the auto industry Engineering and computer-aided design
Manufacturing practices Material technology
Modelling for design Mechanics

 Other main topics covered in the course includes:

  • 3-D Modelling

The students will learn to design from different perspectives and clay and functional modelling. They will work with variety of material and learn the essentials of a three dimensional representation.

  • Car design History

In order to understand modern car design and future perspectives of this fastest-growing field, it is important to peep into the history of car design and understand how car design origin has evolved over the last century. It helps them learn the concept of designing for different purposes and people, changing cultural aesthetics and modern design trends.

  • Computer-Aided Styling

The students will learn the essentials of using digital design programs for car designing. They will learn all about different car design software programs such as Rhino, Light Wave 3D and Alias Sketchbook Pro.

  • Race Car Design

This is really an interesting part of the course as students will learn how to create and assemble their own cars from scratch.

  • Vehicle Branding

It addresses unique ways to distinguish your car’s design in order to brand them as your own. Students will learn how different automobiles manufactures brand their vehicles and how the unique features make them remarkable.


CEDP Skill Institute will award NSIC approved certificate to the participants after the completion of course.


Mr. Reynold Lewis is a competent automobile engineer having 20 years of experience in Automobile industry. He has been associated with several renowned auto manufacturers including Mahindra, TATA, Maruti, Toyota, Hyundai etc. He is also a diagnostic expert and has trained many automobile technicians.