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Explore opportunities in the hospitality industry overseas

A study by experts has revealed that the hospitality industry is projected to create 380 million jobs worldwide by 2027. You can confidently embrace this excellent opportunity by joining Special 40.

With a whole new approach to training, the students from Special 40 batch received special coaching from our Managing Director, Mr. Vasim Shaikh. They underwent a fundamental transformation for the hospitality industry and flew to international locations for their dream jobs in 5-star properties.


Why join Special 40?

  • Get special training for dream jobs in hospitality overseas
  • Explore opportunities for a better and secured future
  • Hone essential skills and build self-confidence
  • Face-to-face mock interview with industry experts
  • Appear for interviews with international 5-star properties
  • Fly to international locations for your dream job

Opportunities abound

  • Special training provided to Hotel Management & Aviation batches
  • Interviewing skills workshop to train students as per international standards
  • Provide opportunities for an international internship in the hospitality
  • Discounted fees offered to selected Special 40 students

Our success stories

Special 40 students honed their skill set that is globally recognized and applicable to international hospitality. They have flown to various locations in the UAE to join 5-star properties.

Dream to take up careers overseas by joining Special 40 and unlock opportunities for many high paying positions.