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Stories have to be communicated or they die. So let’s give something significant to our audience by inspiring, engaging, and educating them with the real stories created at CEDP.”

Since its inception, CEDP Skill Institute has played a vital role in transforming the lives of an end number of students. Each and every member of the CEDP family has contributed to script various success stories and lived up to the organization’s expectations.

So, let’s together pen down CEDP’s great achievements for the world to know!

We will be now building up a series of human-interest stories evolving around our students. This series will tell stories of how CEDP supported and encouraged them to choose the right career path and now they are enjoying the fruits of their success.


  • We will be presenting our target audience with a true story that they can relate to.
  • Human-interest stories will help us create credibility in prospects’ minds.
  • We’ll be able to show the benefits and value of getting associated with CEDP, rather than communicating them verbally.


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Share a story wherein you have helped the student overcome various challenges he/she might have faced during the admission or attending lectures but now they have fulfilled their dream career.

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Keep us posted about the stories of students wherein they were struggling to attend the regular classes, not focused on studies, bunked the classes, etc., and how you helped them overcome various challenges to fulfill their dream.

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Recruitment Team

Let us know the stories about students who lacked confidence and faced challenges to crack interviews. Speak up about the clients who have been benefited from the interns you have provided to them, especially during the COVID pandemic.

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Tell us about the students who were facing payment issues and how you have guided them through the process.

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Students always love to stay connected with their mentors as it helps them learn and grow. Share the stories of students whom you have mentored and helped them script their success story.

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