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The hospitality industry is one of India’s blooming and fastest-growing industries. As per Cumulative Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) metrics, it is the second quickest industry to excel after the IT sector. This industry offers many career prospects to qualified individuals and happens to be the second largest industry to provide employment. It is a wise decision to consider hotel management after HSC. There is a vast career scope in taking Hotel Management post HSC, which will lead to abundant career opportunities. Hotel Management is a vast field and caters to multiple career opportunities, and these are crucial characteristics of opting for the HM course. This article will reveal the scope and aspects of the procedure to opt for Hotel Management courses after 12th.

Specifications and details

Let’s look at the specifications and details of the career scope of enrolling for this course. You probably read the right words if you consider taking this career path. Here we will highlight the scope of choosing this career path post HSC exams.  Let’s look at the high-paying jobs you can crack after pursuing Hotel Management.

The minimum qualification required for the course is HSC, and the students must have a good command of English. This is one of the best ways to begin your career in hospitality.

Food production lab –

The food production lab is well-equipped because of advanced equipment such as electric induction, deep freezer, sandwich griller, oven, cooking utensils, and other necessary tools as a result it ensures that all food training is administered safely.

Food and beverage training room –

The students are trained for table setting, serving style, bar arrangement, and other practical crafts about service and operations to excel in vital skills for the F & B Room.

The housekeeping lab –

The students are trained for bed making, cleaning used materials, and impressive room arrangements used in hotels in a wholly functional housekeeping lab.

Industry Exposure

This course consists of practical and on-the-job training. These are crucial skills that one must comprehend to sustain in the hospitality industry. The hotel management course provides a holistic training experience for the trainee to tap into fruitful career opportunities. It is highly advisable to enroll for the course to kickstart your career in the hospitality industry.


Hospitality is a broad spectrum of skills and career opportunities, and it requires adequate training and coaching to begin a career in this industry. CEDP has taken this noble initiative with NSCH to shape careers for individuals passionate about developing a skill set and obtaining a hotel management training certificate. We will provide adequate training and improve youth skills to prepare them for practical and NCHMCT-JEE.

Opting for the test will make them easily eligible to pass the test and enrol for it, and this is the primary reason we have decided on the course. Council of Education and Development Programmes takes this initiative to prepare the candidates to pass the national entrance exams. Considering the specific aspects, such as eligibility; this article will run you through the significance of enrolling to crack the national exams.

Prepare for the entrance exams.

Cracking the entrance exams can be challenging for candidates, and there are specific skills and information required to break the test. Through this program by CEDP, the candidates get assistance to crack the exams and get a seat to pursue the hotel management course. These are crucial aspects of starting your career in the hospitality industry. As per the metrics after IT sectors, most students appear for the national hotel management exams. Their entrance exams consist of many tests to check the examinee’s skills.

Adequate training process

The highly trained professionals train the candidates. We have excellent experts in training and shaping skillet essential to crack the examination. The training in hotel management prepares the candidates to crack the exams. The trainees can acquire skills in food production, preservation, Housekeeping, communication, etc. These essential skills make the trainee eligible to pass the entrance examination. These are the crucial aspects of the training sessions that prepare the examinee to pass the entrance exams.

Practical session

On the job training

Study hours

Industry expert faculty

In house tests

Boost employment opportunities

There are various career prospects for those who want to enrol on the hotel management course, and passing the entrance can open up promising hospitality management job opportunities Numerous industries provide ideal career prospects to clients, and here are some of the sectors where you can begin your career in the hospitality industry.

Eligibility criteria

What’s the hotel management eligibility? There is an eligibility criterion for the candidates to enrol for this course, and the candidate’s educational qualification must be HSC passed out. There is a specific age limit required to pass the entrance, and it is one of the essential aspects considered when choosing candidates to pass the exams.

Get started now

Start now, and prepare yourself for the national entrance exams to clear them with good grades. This is one of the ideal ways to tap into promising career opportunities. Get yourself enrolled now at CEDP to get adequate guidance and hotel management training to clear the national entrance exam of HM.