Online Admission

Maldives is a paradise for holidaymakers! And I am flying to this paradise to join a popular beach resort, Noonu for my paid internship. I am really overwhelmed to fly to Maldives which indeed was my dream destination to explore. Thank you CEDP for this excellent opportunity and I will make best of this opportunity to outshine in my career.

Noonu, Maldives

The days I’ve spent in CEDP were full of learning opportunities. Now the institute has given me another great opportunity to further improve my skills by joining a 5 star hotel abroad. I am so happy and excited to fly to Dubai to Hilton for my paid on-job-training. Thank you CEDP for all those wonderful opportunities.

Hilton, Dubai

I am very glad to have joined CEDP’s International Hotel Management program because it is helping me to make a bright career in hospitality industry overseas. I am so excited to join a 5 star hotel in Dubai, Hilton for my paid internship that will further help me enhance my skills and abilities. Thank you team CEDP!

Hilton, Dubai

I am currently pursuing International Hotel Management from CEDP Skill Institute. Flying to Dubai to join one of the 5 star hotels like Bahi Ajman Palace is just like a dream for me. Thank you CEDP for transforming my dreams into reality and giving me an opportunity to shine in hospitality industry abroad.

Hilton, Dubai

I am really thrilled to join Bahi Ajman Palace in UAE for my paid internship. This excellent opportunity provided by CEDP will help me gain valuable work experience and advance in my career. Love you CEDP for helping me soar high.

Bahi Ajman Palace, UAE

I am flying to my dream destination, Dubai to join IMG World of Adventures for my paid on-job-training. It’s really tough for me to express my happiness and excitement in words. I just want to say thank you to CEDP Skill Institute for helping me make a career abroad and join a reputed hotel in Dubai.

IMG World of Adventures, Dubai

I had great experience learning from excellent trainers who helped me improve my skills and gain in-depth knowledge of hospitality industry. I am so excited and happy that I am flying to Abu Dhabi, UAE to join Armed Forces Officers Club & Hotel for my paid on-job-training. Love you CEDP!

Armed Forces Officers Club & Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE

I was well aware of the fact that automobile industry is one of the fastest-growing industries and thus, saw an excellent business opportunity for myself. Thanks to CEDP Skill Institute which offered me excellent opportunities and resources to learn, discover, and plan my career. I have learned a lot and was exposed to different vehicles. Today, I own a Royal Enfield Workshop in Palghar and recruiting many other skilled professionals to work at my shop. I am proud of my accomplishment and it’s all because of CEDP!