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7 Best Jobs You Can Get with Hotel Management Course at Only ₹11,000

In the dynamic city of Mumbai, a career in hotel management offers many opportunities that are exciting as well as fulfilling. A diploma in hotel management will allow you to explore a variety of roles in the hospitality sector. And to make it even more exciting, you can enroll in this incredible course for a minimal fee of just ₹11,000!

Learn and Earn Scheme at CEDP Institute: Diploma in Hotel Management in Mumbai

The diploma in hotel management job prospects in Mumbai are great because here the hospitality sector is a major industry. And now, with the Learn and Earn scheme by the CEDP Institute, you can enroll in this high-demand diploma in the city for a small fee of just ₹11,000. And to make it even better, you earn a stipend while you are in training. Nothing can be better than this!

Career Options: Diploma in Hotel Management Jobs in Mumbai

1. Housekeeping Manager

Sanitation is critical in Mumbai’s thriving hotel sector. An effective housekeeping manager is essential to maintaining the hotel’s high standards of cleanliness. They set schedules, supervise cleaning procedures, and provide personnel with the best possible cleaning training.

2. Front Office Manager

Front desk managers are in charge of giving visitors a memorable stay and making them feel at home. They oversee the front desk and serve as the first point of contact for visitors. The secret to success in Mumbai’s cutthroat hotel business is offering excellent customer service.

3. Property Manager

The hotels in Mumbai should always be in top shape. Property managers make sure that the facilities are kept up to date for both workers and visitors. This means handling maintenance requests, checking the condition of the rooms, and making sure that every team has the tools they need.

4. Restaurant Manager

Since in-house restaurants and food services are a standard feature of Mumbai’s hotels, restaurant managers are in charge of menus, employee training, and hygienic practices. They are essential in guaranteeing that the hotel’s food offerings are excellent.

5. Banquet Manager

Banquet managers are highly sought after in Mumbai because festivities and events take place on a regular basis here. They manage the hotel’s special event coordination, making sure everything goes without a hitch. Banquet managers are essential to making the events held in hotels memorable.

6. Food and Beverage Manager

Mumbai’s food and beverage sector is growing rapidly. The ordering and storage procedures for all ingredients and refreshments in the hotel are managed by food and beverage managers. They work together with banquet managers and chefs to keep an excellent and well-stocked inventory.

7. General Manager

The foundation of hotel management consists of general managers. They manage the budget, keep an eye on all hotel teams, and provide performance and financial reports. They play a critical role in creating the strategic choices that ensure the hotel’s smooth operation.

Diploma in Hotel Management Salary in Mumbai

The average salary of a hotel manager in Mumbai is ₹6,46,662 per month, which is a lot more than many other entry-level jobs and can give a huge push to your career.

The diploma in hotel management scope in Mumbai is great, and you can be a part of it by enrolling in the course now when the most attractive fees are available in the city. Take advantage of the Learn and Earn Scheme at CEDP Institute and enroll for a fee as low as ₹11,000.

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