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Diploma in Aviation & Cabin Crew

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Diploma in Aviation & Cabin Crew

Have you always dreamt of a job which includes flying across the globe, visiting exotic destination and get lucrative salary package? Diploma in Aviation and Cabin Crew course offered by CEDP Skill Institute is for all who are willing to aspire in the Aviation Industry.

This is a pedagogy program with innovative and distinctive curriculum to become a versatile professional through extensive cabin crew and air hostess training including Security, F&B service, Cabin Crew Service Management, Airport Handling, Ticketing & Flight Training and Grooming & In-flight Announcement etc.

CEDP Skill Institute one of the well-known air hostess training institute in Mumbai offering aviation course incorporates classroom lectures, practical, role play, student presentations, problem solving sessions, case studies, thereby giving more practical exposure and boosting the confidence level of students. The air hostess course fee also includes uniform.

The cabin crew course has been designed by team of professionals from the Aviation industry having a rich experience. It mainly covers language training, personality improvement skills, inflight services, safety and security measures to be taken while discharging the duties of flight attendant or cabin crew. More emphasis has been given to the industry requirements.

If you think sky is the limit, join Diploma in Aviation and Cabin Crew course at CEDP Skill Institute with its branches across Mumbai and Thane!

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Core Benefits

  • Language training helps you gain knowledge of phonetics and make fluent in speaking English.
  • Improve your body language and conduct yourself gracefully, in a way conducive to the aviation industry.
  • Learn all about in-flight services offered to passengers and attend to their needs from time to time.
  • You get to learn the nuances of in-flight safety and emergency situation management.


12th and Above


20 – 30 Years

Total Duration

1 Year

Save up to Rs. 25,000, on your fee
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Our training program consists of:

Aircrafts Mock Training

At CEDP Skill Institute, we provide air hostess and cabin crew training in aircraft-shaped classroom. The classroom is custom designed for airline cabin crew training. It consists of various sections including economy class set-up, front and back service areas, overhead compartments, etc.

Swimming training

Dedicated swimming training is provided to the students to prepare them for any kind of emergency situation. If you’re aboard an aircraft that goes down over the water, you can save yours as well as others life if you now swimming.

Defense Training

As a part of the course curriculum, defense training is provided to the girls. They will learn the proper techniques to help fend off the attackers. When you have an ability to defend yourself, it gives you the confidence and freedom to explore the world fearlessly.


Our highly skilled trainers will train the students for the various airline and aircraft operations including Aviation Management, F&B Services, Cabin Crew, Service Management, Airport Handling, Grooming & In-flight Announcement and Ticketing.

Why choose a career in Aviation industry?

Huge Demand
The air transport market in India employees more than 390,000 professionals including ground staff, cabin crew, pilots, air hostess etc. Thus, there will be a growing need for qualified and well trained personnel for various careers in aviation who requires a good personal grooming and skills which are needed to work at airport or in aircraft.

Fly to New Destinations
As a cabin crew or air hostess, you get an opportunity to fly to different destinations. Owing to rotational job shifts and breaks, you can do sightseeing and shop even when working abroad! You can fly to places where it is not easy for others to reach, owing to your job type.

Personality Development
When you work either as a cabin crew or an air hostess, you get the scope to work in a professional environment and your sense of disciple goes several notches above. As part of your job, your grooming sense also gets a boost.

Leaves and Incentives
As a part of your job in the aviation sector, you will get to enjoy extended off days after a stretch of work. This helps you spend holidays in exotic places or reunite with family and friends.



The minimum qualification required to become a Cabin Crew is Intermediate or graduation.

Diploma in Cabin Crew & Aviation is a 1-year program.

Unfortunately no! The minimum eligibility criterion is 10+2 passed in any stream with English subject.

A cabin crew has to carry out pre-flight duties including doing security checks, ensuring the aircraft is clean and tidy, check drinks and food stock on board, welcome passengers on board, directing them to their seats etc.

She is permitted to marry on a condition that she has put in four years of service.

The starting salary of a cabin crew ranges from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000, depending on with which airline you are working in.

You can work as an air hostess till the age 40. Later, you will be moved to the ground duties which include the job of a check hostess, ground hostess, ticketing etc.