Certificate in X ray Technician

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Certificate in X ray Technician

Become a certified X-ray technician by enrolling for Certificate in X-ray Technician course at CEDP Skill Institute, Mumbai. The one year program consists of theory classes, practical training and paid on-job-training in reputed healthcare facilities. Among many other certificate programs related to health care sphere, it is the most enrolled job-oriented program by students after completing their 10th.

Students will learn how to operate different medical equipment such as CT scan, MRI, ultrasonography (ultrasound) equipment and other imaging tools and maintain them. They are trained to position the patient and the equipment in a way to ensure patient safety, and take images of all parts of the body that the doctor has asked for.  The technicians can work in radiology department of diagnostic centres, radiography centres, hospitals and clinics.

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Core Benefits

  • Avail entry-level x-ray technician position at diagnostic labs and radiography centres.
  • Get hired by hospitals or clinics having medical imaging labs within them.
  • X-Ray technician can seek to apply as a clinical instructor.
  • Depending on experience, you can get managerial roles at healthcare establishments.


10th & Above


18 - 30 Years

Total Duration

1 Year


8 Months


4 Months

Secure your future during time of social distancing!
Get instant admission to the course in just Rs 999/-.
Admissions open, enroll now!

Click here to Admissions open

*Terms & Conditions Apply

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The course structure consists of:

Radiographic Procedures

As a part of curriculum, students will learn how to create x-rays of body using the X-ray machines. A part of body is exposed to ionizing radiation to produce an image. Students will also learn how to position the patients for X-ray and electrocardiogram procedures.

Anatomy & Physiology

The course covers the basic aspects of anatomy and physiology, a scientific study of human structure. Students will study about the parts and structures of human body and its functions.

Radiology Physics

Studying radiology physics is important for students pursuing x-ray technician program. It involves the application of physics concepts, methods and theories to medicines.

Why pursue a career as x-ray technician?

Job Prospects

Upon course completion, certified x-ray technician can find work at diagnostic laboratories, radiography centres, hospitals or clinics equipped with medical imaging labs.

Career Progression

An extensive experience in the respective field allows the X-ray technician to seek for various managerial roles at the hospital or diagnostic labs. The professional begin their career as Junior X-Ray Technician and progresses to X-Ray Technicians, CT Scan Technicians, Senior X-Ray Technicians, and other high paying positions.

Employment Outlook

With a remarkable growth in healthcare sector, it has been found that x-ray technicians are in a high demand. Job opportunities have simultaneously increased because of patient’s need for disease diagnosis through medical imaging.

Mobility in Career

Mobility in the career is high as hospitals and diagnostic labs can be found across the country. A skilled and experienced technician can easily find a job in the desired location.


X-ray technicians, also known as radiologic technologists, are medical support professionals who specialize in the operation of x-ray equipment. ... Between procedures, technicians maintain x-ray equipment to ensure that it is in good working order.

10th passed from a recognized board.

Radiologist is a good career choice as radiography is a fast growing job market with a 21% projected increase from 2012 to 2022.

X-ray Technicians, also called radiologic technologists, operate imgaing machines to produce medical images of a patient's body.

It is a fast growing career. Professionals having excellent technical and analytical skills are in great demand as they operate imaging technology equipment which helps doctors to diagnose illness.