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CEDP, India's premier skill development institute, has redefined education by intertwining theory with practical experience since 2010. With industry-oriented short and long term courses and on-job training, we bridge the gap between academia and industry demands. Students thrive in an environment fostering ambition and growth, emerging not just knowledgeable but also skilled professionals.

CEDP empowers individuals to excel in their chosen fields, cultivating talent and nurturing aspirations.

Join us in our mission to revolutionize education, where dreams are transformed into tangible achievements, and success becomes a journey of continuous growth and fulfillment. Welcome to CEDP – where education meets opportunity, and aspirations take flight.

Mrs. Shaheen Khan

Founder & CEO

In the vibrant heart of India, Mrs. Shaheen Khan blazes with passion, leading a revolution in education. With her mantra, 'Job of Education is to create Jobs', she founded CEDP Skill Institution, infusing every aspect with her unwavering dedication. With over two decades of experience and certifications as a GTD Trainer, Master NLP (Neuro -Linguistic Program) , and more, she embodies holistic education and empowerment.

Ms. Shaheen's story is one of fiery determination and transformative impact, proving that one person's passion can spark change across communities.

Ms. Shaheen Khan
Mr. Vasim Shaikh

Mr. Vasim Shaikh

Group Chairman & Managing Director

Meet Mr. Vasim Shaikh, a seasoned professional with over 20 years of diverse industry experience. His expertise in business operations ensures that ventures thrive towards profitability. Beyond boardrooms, Mr. Shaikh's passion for blogging shines, offering invaluable insights for success in the hospitality sector. As a Master NLP Practitioner and Life Coach, he empowers individuals to reach their fullest potential.

At CEDP Skill Institution, Mr. Shaikh's commitment to ethical practices and meticulous attention to skillful education has elevated it to premier status. His visionary leadership has made CEDP a coveted destination for skill development nationwide.


“We create humanity of skills and integrate technology for the modern world with ease.”


“We nurture your dream to transform and excel.”


"We think continuously about how we transform and bridge curriculum, training patterns and job market to touch 1 million lives by 2022 and 1 billion by 2030."

  • Empowering skills and technology to real-life superheroes
  • Empowering skills that enlighten families
  • Industry interface and quality training and simplistic skills
  • Blending enhanced skills and advanced technology accessible to humanity
  • Transforming skills that enhance humanity growing per capita income
  • We Connect, We Grow, We Glorify

A glimpse into our work life


When we’re inspired and motivated, we do excellent things. Committed to quality, we initiate best practices to create enhanced humanity of skills and technology for the fourth industrial revolution. Our directors initiate a series of brainstorming sessions to help the team member grow professionally and achieve the organization’s vision and mission.

Our Values

Our core values define our organization. Underpinned by our values – Respect, Integrity, Speed, Excellence, Collaboration, and Social Responsibility, we aim to transform and bridge the gap between training and industry interface.

Life at CEDP

CEDP is committed to providing an exceptional quality of life at work to CEDPians. It’s imperative that our team feel recognized, motivated and respected within the company. Various Team-building events and fun activities are organized to create a happy workplace and encourage employee engagement.

Inclusion and Diversity

A wider pool of talent with diverse cultures and backgrounds leads to a plethora of benefits. They combine incredibly innovative ideas with advanced technology to introduce an array of perspectives to the table. A diverse team with unique skills and capabilities allows for connecting dots to complete the picture of the skilled economy.

CEDP in News

Our ability to develop capabilities of job seekers of the modern era has attracted coverage in national and international media. In conversation with various media channels, Ms. Shaheen Khan, founder & CEO, talks about the skill development & training market, emerging trends & future growth opportunities.

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If you’re looking to make a difference, you might want to consider working with us. Explore our employment section to learn all about our hiring process and current job openings in the organization. You can apply for positions online.

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