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Certificate Operation Theatre Technician

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Certificate Operation Theatre Technician

Operation Theatre Technicians are part of the healthcare system and work mainly in the operating theatres. They also work for maintenance of equipment, assist surgeons in surgeries and even transfer of patients from wards to theatres. The job of OT technician is highly specialized in the operation theatre, with doctors and surgeons relying on them heavily for technical and other assistance. This course is intended to help students in finding careers as OT technicians.


Core Benefits

  • Work in the most trusted and highly respected medical field.
  • Assist surgeons during the operations in operation theatre.
  • Prepare the operation theatre for surgery and assist the surgeons.
  • Work with reputed Hospitals across the country.
  • Earn a good pay package.


10th & Above


18 to 30 Years

Total Duration

12 Months


6 Months

On-Job-Training Duration

6 Months

Certificate Operation Theatre Technician course in Mumbai covers the following areas:

OT technician will acquire the basic knowledge of nursing and operation theatre procedures. In addition, students will develop exceptional organizational skill and will be able to perform well under pressure.

Maintain OT

Students with learn to maintain the operation room and keep it ready for the surgeries. Apart from that, they will also learn how to maintain essential supplies and equipment in the operating room so that everything runs smoothly.


During the course students will be trained in cleansing and disinfecting the surgical equipment after the surgeries. They will also learn an appropriate autoclaving/sterilization procedure of surgical instrument and equipment.


Apart from imparting technical knowledge to our students, we also provide on-job training/internship thus helping them improve their skills. In addition, we also provide placement assistance to our students.

Our National Recruiters

6 Quick Facts

1. Career Growth

OT Technician plays a vital role in the healthcare industry. OT Technicians with experience and leadership ability can become managers or move into supervision of various medical technicians within a hospital or surgical center. An individual can move into managing the hospital central supply system or sterile processing.

2. On-Job-Training (OJT)

Yes, 12 months on-job-training and paid internship. An individual will learn the skills and acquire knowledge required to perform a specific job within the workplace. OJT has proved to be very beneficial for the candidates as they use the tools, machines and equipment available at the workplace.

3. Job Placement

On successful completion of theory & OJT, we at CEDP Skill Institute promises 100% job placement. Our job placement team is dedicated to help the students get entry into the best hospitals and clinics.

4. Key Responsibilities

As an operation theatre technician, you will have to perform various tasks and duties including connect and set up the surgical equipment, preparing the room for surgery, providing technical assistance to surgeon and many more.

5. Scope & Employment

Scope after successful completion of this dedicated course is huge. Students will easily get jobs in hospitals, clinics and varied healthcare facilities. With the upsurge of various healthcare facilities, operation theatre technicians are in high demand.

6. Employment Card

Yes, CEDP Skill Institute offers a lifetime employment card awarded to candidate post successful completion of course.