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Certificate in Automobile Technician

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Certificate in Automobile Technician

If you too want to pursue a career as an automobile technician, enroll for a short term Certificate in Automobile Technician course at CEDP Skill Institute, Mumbai. It is one of the best automobile courses that automobile enthusiast can opt after 10th or 12th. The course will guide the aspiring auto technicians through the basics of auto mechanics and auto technology in a step-by-step way. Students will learn the basic procedures associated with the auto service industry and gain essential skills and knowledge required to disassemble, inspect, machine, calibrate and reassemble auto parts and components.

Automobile course covers the key fundamental topics including Communicative English and Computer Fundamentals, Four Wheeler Mechanism, Automobile Electronics (LMV) and Automobile Chassis.

Cars and bikes are becoming increasingly more complex. The intricate interplay of auto technicians requires a specialized skill-set that goes beyond changing out an oil pan. People have to upgrade their skills to meet technological advancements in auto industry.  Automakers are coping with greater demand for connected technologies and smarter service experiences to go with their smarter cars.


Core Benefits

  • Work as an Automobile Technician with the reputed brands in the automotive industry.
  • With the relevant experience and exposure, you can progress to Sr. technician, supervisor, service advisor, floor manager etc.
  • After gaining a thorough knowledge and skills, you can also set up your own Garage.

Scope of job opportunities

  • Set up your own workshop
  • Design your own vehicle
  • Work in workshop and repair any kind of vehicle
  • You can also work in any vehicle company

Why pursue career in automobile industry?

Great Demand
Employment of automotive technicians is projected to grow 6 percent from by 2026. Demand for car technicians have simultaneously increased owing to huge car and bikes sales in India and the arrival of newer brands. The automobile course offered by CEDP Skill Institute in Mumbai will make you skilled auto technician adhering to industry standards.

High Pay Scale
Job opportunities with attractive salary for qualified technicians are very good. After acquiring skills and experience in automobile handling and repair, you will be able to get high paying jobs in automobile industry.

Job Profiles
Your job type will not be limited to repairing broken car parts or diagnosing engine faults. You can also land up jobs in car accessory and customization centers.


Since automobile technicians are in demand all over India, you can easily relocate to any city of your choice and find suitable openings. You will hired by a repair shop or dealership and work in a garage.

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CEDP’s Automobile course structure

Automobile Technician is a branch of study dealing with nuances of vehicles and the working mechanism. The students of this course receive training on basics of automobiles, diagnostics, repair, and maintenance of vehicles and their parts.

Vehicle Amenities

For many car buyers, a vehicle is more than just a means of transport. They want to enjoy numerous amenities while driving. So, modern generation cars are equipped with features like air conditioning, GPS, in-car Wi-fi, ambient lighting and high-end sound setups. These features may also develop snags and as an automobile mechanic, you get to learn how to diagnose such features and fix them.


Vehicles of various types, including big trucks or sedans can develop a diverse type of problems. This can be caused by several factors, including rusting, parts malfunction and regular wear and tear. A skilled automobile mechanic can find various such faults in vehicles and fix them. In other words, after completing a Certificate in Automobile Technician, you will become an expert in troubleshooting vehicles.

Engine technology

With time, technology in the automobile sector is progressing rapidly. There was a time internal combustion engines were all the rage. Even now, they are used in most of the vehicles you see on the roads. However, with time new engine technologies are seeping in. Hybrid cars are becoming more popular and electric vehicles are also being made by major automakers. A well-crafted automobile technician course enables you to gather knowledge on the latest developments in car engine technology.