Student Feedback

    1. Did it help you build up your skill?

    2. Would you refer your friends to us


    1. Punctuality in the Class

    2. Regularity in taking Classes

    3. Students’ attend2ance/ presence in the class of teacher who is being evaluated

    4. Completes syllabus of the course in time

    5. Scheduled organization of assignments, class test, quizzes and seminars

    6. Makes alternate arrangement of class in his/her absence


    1. Focus on Syllabus

    2. Self-confidence

    3. Communication skills

    4. Conducting the classroom discussions

    5. Teaching the subject matter

    6. Delivery of structured lecture

    7. Skill of linking subject to life experience & creating interest in the subject

    8. Refers to latest developments in the field


    1. Uses of innovative teaching methods

    2. Shares the answers of class tests or sessional test questions after the conduct of the class tests/sessional tests.

    3. Makes sure that he/she is being understood

    4. Uses of teaching aids (OHP/Blackboard /PPT's)


    1. Helping approach towards varied academic interests of students

    2. Helps student in providing study material which is not readily available in the text books say through e-resources, e-journals, reference books, open course wares etc.

    3. Helps students irrespective of ethnicity and culture/background

    4. Helps students irrespective of gender

    5. Helps students in realizing career goals

    6. Helps students in realizing their strengths and developmental needs

    LABORATORY INTERACTION (Only for Laboratory Courses)

    1. Availability of teacher in the laboratory for whole duration of laboratory hours

    2. Helping the students in conducting experiments through set of instructions or demonstrations

    3. Helps students in exploring the area of study involved in the experiment

    4. Follows open ended approach for conducting the experiments


    1. Control mechanism in effectively conducting the class

    2. Students’ participation in the class

    3. Skills of addressing inappropriate behaviour of student

    4. Tendency of inviting opinion and question on subject matter from students

    5. Acts as a role model