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In order to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of our educational programs, we have established the following policies to govern your enrollment and participation. It is imperative that you carefully review and understand these terms:

1. Education Loan:

In the event of cancellation or dropout, CEDP Institute's policy mandates that no refunds will be issued under any circumstances. Furthermore, if a student withdraws during the first year, the entire fees for that year will be charged. This policy applies equally to dropouts or cancellations occurring in the second and third years, where the full fees for the respective year of withdrawal will be charged.


2. Mandatory Attendance During Theory Classes:

Your attendance in theory classes is non-negotiable. Failure to maintain a minimum of 75% attendance monthly will result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to, termination of enrollment. Refunds will not be provided, and the CEDP Skill Institute shall bear no responsibility for any financial obligations incurred.


3. On Job Training Attendance Requirement:

Attending every on-job training session is a must. Missing sessions means CEDP Skill Institute won't cover your loan payments. And, if poor performance or absence leads to your removal, you'll need to manage your loan payments by yourself, as CEDP won't assist / pay in such cases.


4. Recording of Calls:

Under no circumstances are you permitted to record staff calls without explicit prior consent. Any unauthorized recordings will result in severe disciplinary action, including possible legal consequences.


5. Behavioral Standards and Rustication Policy:

Maintaining respectful behavior within CEDP Skill Institute premises is paramount. Any breach of conduct may result in immediate rustication from the CEDP Skill Institute. In such cases, the CEDP Skill Institute shall not be held liable for any outstanding financial obligations, including education loan EMIs.


6. Fee Policy for Cancellation:

If you choose to withdraw from the program at any point during the academic year for any reason, the fees will be charged according to set percentages of the annual fee, in line with CEDP Skill Institute regulations. We adhere strictly to a no-refund policy for admission cancellations. Specifically, withdrawing during the theory phase incurs a charge of 52% of the first year's fees. Withdrawal during the on-job training phase results in a charge of 70% of the annual fees. Please be aware, once fees are paid, no exceptions to this refund policy will be made.


7. Education Loan Payment Process:

Education loans are crucial for financing your education. Upon approval, the loan amount is transferred directly to the CEDP Skill Institute's account to cover your fees and will not appear in your personal account. It's important to note that you are responsible for repaying the loan EMI amounts, which will be deducted from your On-the-Job Training (OJT) stipend.


8. Document Retrieval Process:

After cancellation, it takes approximately 45-90 days for students to receive their submitted documents. This timeframe allows for the necessary processing. Your patience during this period is appreciated.


9. Protection of Brand Reputation:

Students are strictly prohibited from damaging the CEDP Skill Institute's reputation in any way. If any student attempts to negatively influence others or engage in actions detrimental to the institution's image, the CEDP Skill Institute reserves the right to pursue legal action against them. Such actions may also lead to financial losses for the company.


10. Retraining Requirement for Mock Interview Outcomes:

In case a student doesn't meet the expectations during the mock interview conducted before the on-job training (OJT), they are required to participate in retraining sessions at the CEDP Skill Institute. It is important to note that in such instances, the student retains responsibility for any associated EMIs.


11. CEDP Skill Institute Data Breach Policy:

Students are strictly prohibited from sharing internal students' contact numbers with any other individuals. This includes safeguarding against any potential data breaches of CEDP Skill Institute information.


12. Student Responsibility for Extra Commitments:

The student is accountable for any extra expenses arising from study-related activities or travel, extending beyond standard tuition fees.


13. Course Completion Assistance:

After completing the course, CEDP Skill Institute will assist in obtaining an experience certificate from your OJT industry partner and provide expert guidance for further career development and education.


14. Documentation Compliance and Examination Eligibility:

ensure timely submission of all required documents, as their accuracy and completeness directly impact your eligibility and performance in university council examinations and final assessments.

Your signature on this acknowledgment signifies your full comprehension and acceptance of these policies. Ignorance of these terms will not exempt you from their enforcement. Please provide the signatures below to confirm your understanding and agreement: