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Respect should be intertwined into everything we do! Respect yours as well as other’s time and treat all with dignity. Respect in your relationships with teammates builds a feeling of trust, safety, and wellbeing.


We must demonstrate integrity in our professional conduct. Reinforce ethical behavior at work, honor our commitments, respect work ethics and render loyal service to our organization. It is the foundation on which coworkers build effective relationships and trust.


For effective and enhanced results, it is important to create a culture of speed in the workplace. Creating and documenting the procedures can aid in completing the task more efficiently within the given timeframe.


Excellence is when individuals strive to be the best they can be. One should be persistent, determined and focused and constantly seek improvement in what one is doing to achieve excellence in one’s work.


Workplace collaboration is a way of working by involving the teammates to accomplish common goals and targets. As the whole team works by cooperating with each other, works get distributed evenly and there is no extra workload on any single team member.


Social responsibility is recognized as an integral part of the business model as it helps in operating the business in an ethical way. This creates a productive and rich environment in the workplace and helps in retaining the top talents.

“The secret of success is transforming learning into a superpower. By introducing Disruptive EduVation (Education + Innovation) in the education industry, we aim to enhance the capabilities of job seekers and make ready to face myriad challenges of the emerging technological era.”

Ms. Shaheen Khan,

Founder and CEO

“Underlining the importance of skill development, we are more inclined towards Advanced Education Innovation to bridge the gap between curriculum and training patterns. It will allow the youth to efficiently handle industrial up-gradation.”

Mr. Vasim Shaikh,

Group Chairman and Managing Director