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Life at CEDP

There are always new directions to take, new opportunities to grab, and exciting challenges to grapple with. Technological advancements introduced in our organization have changed the way our business operates. It ensures hassle-free operations and allows us to effectively introduce Disruptive EduVation.

At CEDP, the character is everything. Going beyond the skills, attributes, and creativity of our people, it highlights the uniqueness, courage, and energy they bring to address the challenges. We are surrounded by like-minded people as it allows innovative ideas to flow and comprehend how we can work together.

Team-Building Events and Fun Activities at Workplace

Fun & Festivals

Outdoor Activities

Management Training & Learning


You’re Valued

We ensure that great efforts, hard work, and skills of CEDPians are valued and appreciated through our well-managed recognition program.
Our recognition program is aligned with the company’s mission, vision, and values.
We continuously strive to create attractive reward packages including cash rewards or noncash incentives to motivate hard-working team members and support their all-round wellbeing.

At CEDP, our highly motivated and passionate people take pride in one’s work. We strive to deliver the best possible results in an environment that allows them to flourish. Walk into any CEDP branch, and you’ll meet various teams who are really good at what they do and who enjoy doing it.

Employee Care Programs

Employee Care Program entails an array of workplace perks for the CEDPians to help them stay productive and feel valued. These exceptional benefits impact their job performance, health as well as mental and emotional well-being. Most importantly, they will be happier and more contented in their roles.


Monthly training session by top management


Weekly 2 hour learning session for leadership development


Stress management session (Yoga & meditation sessions)


Weekly reward & recognition


Employee engagement activities


Workshops for employee’s health benefits


Employee career mapping for growth


Internal job promotions


State-of-the-art infrastructure


Employee work-life balance


Convenient work locations


Workshops for employee’s self-development