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The path to success in the rapidly changing automotive industry requires expertise, knowledge, and practical experience.  If you are prepared to start your career in the fast-paced automotive sector, the respected CEDP Skill Institute in Mumbai offers you a Certificate in Automobile Technician.

Eligibility and Course Structure

If you have completed the tenth grade, fall between the ages of 18 and 30,  and have a strong interest in cars or motorcycles, the path toward the perfect career starts with the Certificate in Automobile Technician at CEDP.

Your one-year experience will be divided evenly in half: six months will be dedicated to theoretical learning and the remaining six months to hands-on job training.

What You Will Learn

The curriculum includes hands-on experience, ranging from disassembling auto parts to putting them back together. At CEDP, practical learning is the primary focus. You will get to work with engines, scan autos, and master the art of vehicle servicing—all in well-equipped labs with excellent equipment.

Industry Exposure and Expert Faculty

What sets CEDP apart is its commitment to preparing students to succeed in real life. A team of seasoned instructors and industry professionals will lead you through the changing industry of the auto sector. Since learning should be completely immersive, you will receive opportunities to explore innovations outside of the classroom through workshops and industry visits.

Accelerating Career Opportunities

As graduation approaches, many possibilities present themselves. You could be your boss, running a workshop, or designing the car of your dreams.

Become a Trainee Technician, L1/L2/L3- Technician, or climb the ranks to become a Senior Technician, Wheel Alignment Supervisor, Washing Supervisor, Service Manager, or even a Sales Advisor.

The certification isn’t geographically restricted; you can use your skills and relocate anywhere in India, and access various vehicle companies.


Choosing CEDP is a choice that influences your entire educational experience.

11k Scheme: CEDP understands financial challenges and offers the 11k Scheme, making quality education easily accessible.

Best Industrial Exposure (Internship): Enter the real world through well-organized internship programs that combine theory with practice.

Good Environment: A supportive, encouraging environment that encourages development and collaboration.

Well-Experienced Faculty: Take lessons from the industry’s leading experts, who bring the real world into the classroom.

Supportive Counselors: Your academic concerns will be addressed with the help of the supportive counselors.

Spot Offer Letter: You will seamlessly transition from education to employment with spot offer letters.

Practical Knowledge: The course is focused on real-world abilities that improve your employability.

Loan with Zero Percent Interest: Take control of your finances with interest-free loans.

Earn and Learn Scheme: Gain real-world expertise while earning money, and encourage accountability and financial independence.

Industry-Based Syllabus: Make sure you are prepared for the workforce by matching your education to industry needs.

B.Voc. Programs: Improve your abilities through Bachelor of Vocational Degree programs.

Placement Support: Your success is CEDP’s success, with dedicated assistance in finding employment.

Getting a certified automobile technician is an effort to establish a career, and the CEDP Skill Institute is a trustworthy guide. Are you prepared to pursue your passion as a career? CEDP is your reliable companion on your journey, helping you through the ups and downs that lie ahead.

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