DMLT Course in Mumbai [Lab Technician Course] – 100% Job Guaranteed
DMLT in mumbai

DMLT Course in Mumbai [Lab Technician Course] – Job Guaranteed

Nowadays, you can seek a wide range of career options after passing out of 12th. If subjects like chemistry and biology have always seemed fascinating to you in high schools, pursuing a course in DMLT or Diploma in Medical Lab technology could be great. CEDP Skill Institute, based in Mumbai offers state of the art DMLT courses for aspirants after completion of 12th. After doing this course, you will find job opportunities in the clinical sector and related fields.

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After passing out of this course, you will be able to get jobs in myriads of clinical laboratory and institutes as a lab technician, assisting doctors and researchers. Apart from that, you may also find jobs in specialty medical setups, blood testing facilities, universities and investigative agencies. At CEDP, you get a well crafted DMLT course that has a proper balance of theory session and internship.

Tie-Ups:- 500+ Laboratories and diagnostic centers all across Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai.


CEDP’s DMLT course in Mumbai covers the following areas:

It covers issues dealing with the analysis of body fluids like blood, saliva, urine, and tissues to amaze presence of numerous elements and organisms. It also covers chemical analysis and micro-organism screening. Students pursuing DMLT receive hands-on and intensive training in sampling, testing, documenting and recording clinical trials and tests.

Sampling– As a student pursuing Diploma in Medical Lab technology, you will learn ways to collect blood and cell samples from men and women. This can be required to test the blood for advanced clinical tests which help doctors find out the presence of specific germs and viruses in the sample.

Testing– Apart from sampling, you will also learn the proper ways to carry out tests on diverse fluids in the human body including saliva and blood. This can be useful in various instances, including drug and alcohol detection in blood.

Documentation– As a medical lab technician with DMLT in your kitty, you will also learn the nuances of clinical tests and procedure documentation. High profile and important clinical tests are often documented from start to end for accuracy and cross-checking purposes. The documentation can be both manual and computer-driven, based on tests and procedures.

Teamwork with doctors and researchers– To carry out numerous types of advanced clinical tests, both researchers and doctors need the assistance of medical lab technicians, from time to time. As a DMLT student, you will learn teamwork in such setups.

100% Job Guaranteed!

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DURATION: Two Years Knowledge-Based & Skill Based (25% Theory +75 PRACTICALS). Eligibility: 10th (SSC), 12th  (HSC), BSC. Batches: 1) Full-time course 2) Part-time course 3) Weekend courses


Good pay scale

The growth in a number of health-care facilities including super specialty hospitals, nursing homes, and maternity clinics etc have resulted in growing demand for clinical laboratory technicians. The pay scale is also rising with time.

Job diversity

Medical lab technicians can find diverse types of jobs after passing out of the course and later onwards. You will not be limited to working in a laboratory. You will also find job openings in private sector hospitals, university labs, pathology clinics and blood banks etc.

Job mobility

If you have the desire to relocate, finding a medical technician job will not be an issue. This is because health-care facilities are being set up everywhere these days and doctors need the assistance of medical lab technicians at those places. So, you can easily relocate to a new place in India and find a suitable job in this domain.

Work environment

As a certified medical lab technician, you get to work with professionals in high-end clinical setups, hospitals, and academic setups. The experience of working with highly skilled medical professionals and academicians is definitely rewarding.

Skill up gradation

As a medical lab technician, you pick up new skills on the job. Apart from what you learn in the course content, you get to learn a lot more about leading medical setups.

Skill development

As you need to work in a team, you develop skills like coordination, crisis management, and decision making and these help you professionally in the long run.

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Why choose DMLT with CEDP?

Pursuing a Diploma in Medical Lab technology can definitely be profitable to you, but it is also important that you find the right institute for that. There are so many institutes in India offering DMLT course to aspirants nowadays. After passing out of the course, you will find plenty of job openings. The growth of healthcare sector has fueled the need for doctors along with medical lab assistants and technicians. You can also expect to get jobs with the lucrative salary in this field provided you have the required skill set. CEDP Skill Institute of Mumbai offers tailor-made courses in DMLT. After doing this course from CEDP, you will need not wait long or seek exposure to industry separately. CEDP Skill Institute also has professional collaborations and alliances with leading clinical labs in the country and so placement is not going to be an issue. You can learn intricate nuances of clinical tests and procedures in the course which comprises of 2 years. It is divided into theory sessions and extensive internships. You can pick from the weekend, part-time as well as full-time courses.
You can pursue DMLT right after doing 10+2. You may also do the course after doing B Sc. CEDP flexible course and experienced faculties will ensure you receive latest education in this field. The long internship ensures you are prepared to get into the job of a medical lab technician when you pass out of the institute. To know more on course details or fee, please contact us by clicking below
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