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Earn Over ₹80,000 Monthly by Becoming an Automobile Technician at Only ₹11,000

Want a fulfilling career in the automotive sector? If so, training to become an automotive technician might be the best option for you. Right now is the best time to do it because the CEDP Institute has started the Learn and Earn scheme. Now you can enroll in one of the most demanding automobile technician courses for just ₹11,000!

What Is the Learn and Earn Scheme by CEDP Institute?

The Learn and Earn scheme is a special offer that is here to help you and all the dedicated students of India enroll in the most demanding vocational courses in the country for just ₹11,000. And the cherry on top is that you get to earn a stipend while you are in the training. Now you can make your dreams come true and earn money at the same time!

What is an Automobile Technician Course?

An automobile technician course provides students with the expertise and abilities needed to fix and maintain cars both mechanically and electronically. Its goal is to get students ready for successful careers in the automotive sector.

Automobile Technician Course Details

You do not need to have any particular educational background in order to start your career as an automotive technician. The minimal requirements for enrollment are 10th grade and above, ages 18 – 30 Years. The duration of the courses is 1 year, of which 6 months are theory and 6 months are for On-Job-Training. Once you successfully complete the course, you will be awarded a certificate in automotive technician.

During the Course, You Can Expect to Learn:

Engine Diagnostics: Understanding and identifying engine problems is a fundamental skill for any technician.

Electrical Systems: Technicians need to be skilled in diagnosing and fixing the complex electronic systems found in modern cars.

Brake Systems: For the protection of the passengers as well as the vehicle itself, brake system proficiency is essential.

Suspension: Maintaining the suspension properly gives the driver and passengers a comfortable and safe ride.

Automobile Technician Course Fees:

The affordability of enrolling in our automotive technician program is something you would not want to miss. You can enroll in the course for just ₹11,000.

Salary of an Automobile Technician

Let us now discuss the financial benefits of working as an auto technician in India. Automotive technicians in India make an impressive average base salary, which is boosted by the possibility of being paid extra in cash.

Average Base Salary:

According to the most recent data available, automotive technicians in India make an average base salary of ₹81,412 per month! This amount is much higher than many other entry-level positions and represents the earning potential of qualified technicians.

Additional Cash Compensation:

The extra cash compensation in addition to your salary ranges from ₹19,588 to ₹1,08,000. The average monthly compensation is ₹60,561. Technicians receive additional financial incentives in the form of commissions, bonuses, and other incentives as part of their compensation.

Head to the CEDP Institute website now to enroll in the automobile technician course.

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