Mumbai, a technologically advanced city, offers both opportunities to IT students, the opportunity to study data science through data science courses in Mumbai and the opportunity for data scientist jobs in Mumbai. The average yearly income for senior data scientists in Mumbai is estimated to be 20.0 lakh per annum, with salaries ranging from 8.1 lakh to 38.0 lakh per annum.

If you’re planning or already pursuing a data science certification course in Mumbai, then you must be aware of the top jobs that can provide you with higher salaries.

10 Highest Paying Data Scientist Jobs

1. Senior Data Scientist in E-Commerce Companies

Many E-commerce companies like Amazon, Myntra, and Flipkart have offices in Mumbai and are hiring data scientists to improve customer experiences and optimize supply chains. Students who have pursued an advanced data science course in Mumbai can be employed by such companies and expect good salary packages.

2. Quantitative Analysts in Financial Institutions

Given Mumbai’s prominence as a financial center, data scientists have more opportunities to work as quantitative analysts in banks, hedge funds, and investment companies. To forecast market trends, evaluate risks, and maximize earnings, these experts use intricate algorithms and models. Their work is very well compensated. Having an advanced data analytics certification in Mumbai can land you such high paying jobs.

3. Data Scientists in Health Care

Data scientists are highly regarded in the healthcare industry due to the growing use of electronic health records and the demand for predictive analytics. They work on initiatives like drug discovery, customized medicine, and patient outcome prediction.

4. Media and Entertainment

Mumbai is home to the media and entertainment industries. Data scientists are being hired by media companies, as these companies rely on viewer data counts to optimize advertising strategies and content recommendations. If you have an advanced data science course degree in Mumbai, you can expect an impressive salary package in this field.

5. Database Manager

A database manager simplifies information and reporting, finds and resolves problems, and maintains the databases of an organization.

6. Database Developers

They manage, upgrade, and program databases, hardware, and software to maximize their performance and keep them current.

7. Data Architects

Data architects manage the data sources used by the organization, and they also secure and optimize data storage. They play an important role in an organization and often receive higher salaries. If you have pursued an advanced data science course in Mumbai, you can easily land this job.

8. Business Development Intelligence Analysts

Mumbai has India’s most top-notch businesses, and these businesses need insights into market trends, potential clients, and opportunities to grow their businesses. A data scientist becomes indispensable for such big businesses in Mumbai.

9. Statistician

The foundation of data science is in-depth statistical analysis. Statisticians are good with numbers, and they are demanded everywhere. They aid in interpreting data and utilize numbers to help in study and planning while working in various fields in Mumbai. Their numerical skills get them some of the highest-paying data science jobs in Mumbai.

10. Data Administrator

For organizations, effective data management is essential. To ensure easy access and retrieval, data administrators organize, secure, and optimize data storage. Their vital roles are frequently recognized with competitive pay.

Data science jobs are not limited to the above-mentioned fields only, as there are many other different fields that welcome data science graduates. If you are planning to pursue an advanced data science course certification in Mumbai, then it can be a good decision, as we have discussed the scope and job opportunities that come to a data science graduate.