The “Learn and Earn” program from CEDP has made it simpler than ever to pursue a data science education in India. Do you know that after the United States, India ranks second in terms of data scientist recruitment? Imagine the number of jobs this course can offer.

What if we say now you can pursue a B. Voc. in Data Science at just ₹ 11000?

Yes, it has been made possible by the CEDP Skill Institute, where you can enroll in a Data Science course for just ₹11,000. The CEDP Skill Institute introduced its “Lean and Earn” scheme with the goal of providing high-quality yet cost-effective education.

Why Choose a B. Voc. in Data Science Course?

Practical Focus: B. Voc. programs are designed to provide hands-on training and practical skills that are directly applicable in the workplace. This means you’ll be equipped with the skills needed to excel in the field of Data Science.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum: B. Voc. in Data Science programs are often developed in consultation with industry experts, ensuring that the curriculum is up-to-date and aligned with the latest trends and technologies in Data Science.

Shorter Duration: B. Voc. programs are typically shorter in duration compared to traditional bachelor’s degrees, allowing you to enter the workforce sooner and start applying your skills. So, if you are someone who cannot spend 3 or 4 years pursuing the course, a B. Voc. in Data Science can be your go-to option, where you will get quality education in a short span.

Specialized Training: B. Voc. programs are usually focused on a specific vocation or field, such as data science. This specialization can make you more competitive in the job market.

Internship Opportunities: Many B. Voc. programs include internships or work placements, giving you valuable real-world experience and a chance to network with potential employers. If you pursue a B. Voc. in Data Science at just ₹11,000 from the CEDP Skill Institute, you get internship opportunities where you will be earning a stipend.

Skill-Based Certification: Upon completion, you’ll receive an advanced certification in Data Science that highlights your specific skill set in Data Science, making you a more attractive candidate to employers.

How do I enroll in a Data Science Course at CEDP?

Applying for the Learn and Earn plan at the CEDP Skill Institute is a simple and straightforward procedure.

It is the best opportunity to pursue an advanced certification course in Data Science for just ₹11,000 from the CEDP Skill Institute. This program is a great investment in your future because of its low cost, high-quality education, and opportunities for promotion. Don’t pass up the opportunity to go on a rewarding road to becoming a skilled data scientist. Enroll today to begin your journey toward a brighter, data-driven future.


Are you someone who has always been attracted to the world of data and its analysis? Do you want to find a job in a field that brings together technology and your love of numbers? If so, we have useful details that you might be interested in. The B.Voc. in Data Science program is an exciting opportunity that is making waves in the fields of education and employment. And on top of that, the CEDP Skill Institute has launched the Learn and Earn scheme to make this course more accessible than ever!

Learn and Earn Scheme at CEDP Skill Institute: The Right Time to Enroll Is Now at Only ₹11000!

If you want to enroll in the B.Voc. in Data Science, the right time is now because the Learn and Earn Scheme at CEDP Skill Institute has made this high-demand course available for just ₹11000! Want to know something even more exciting than this? You can earn while you learn! Yes, you will even get a stipend while you get trained so that with the learning you can also earn for yourself. This is a wonderful chance to learn while getting practical experience and lessens the financial burden of education.

What Is B.Voc. in Data Science?

A Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.) program in data science is designed to give you hands-on, career-focused training in data science and analytics. It gives you a basic knowledge of data analysis, machine learning, and data visualization so that you can pursue a career in the data-driven industry.

What Will You Learn?

You may be wondering what this program covers. You will spend time exploring the fields of machine learning, data visualization, and much more. You will become an expert in data science essentials like Python, R, and SQL. This course gives you the skills you need to deal with practical data challenges.

Why Choose B.Voc. in Data Science?

There Is a High Demand:

Data scientists are highly in demand in many different industries. Companies depend on data-driven insights to make decisions in many different sectors, including healthcare, finance, and e-commerce.

There Are High Paying Careers Available:

Data science is right now one of the most lucrative fields on the job market. You can get well-paying jobs at reputable companies with the right skills.

You Gain a Versatile Skill Set:

Data science skills are flexible. Since you can use them in almost any industry, you will be a valuable asset in today’s data-driven world.

You See Constant Growth:

The field of data science is always evolving. With a B.Voc. in Data Science, you’ll have the foundation to adapt to new technologies and stay relevant.

The Program Is Affordable Right Now!

Due to the Learn and Earn Scheme, it has a low cost right now. This makes this program available to a wide range of students, which means you do not need to spend a fortune to get an excellent education.

You Get to Learn and Earn:

This program is special because it offers the chance to earn a stipend while you are in training. You’ll gain practical experience and financial support.

A B.Voc. in Data Science is perfect for you if you want to start a career in data management and analysis. This field is extremely important in most industries, with its demand growing by the day. So why wait? Just head to the CEDP Skill Institute website, learn more about the course, and enroll.

A successful career is largely dependent on the course you choose. There are a variety of in-demand courses available at the CEDP Skill Institute that can open the door to a bright future for you. Let’s have a look at the top five courses CEDP Skill Institute offers and why they’re so popular in their respective fields.

1. General Nursing Midwifery

There is a great need for experienced nursing personnel as the healthcare sector expands quickly. The General Nursing Midwifery program at CEDP Skill Institute offers thorough instruction to provide students with the information and abilities needed for a fulfilling career in healthcare.

2. B. Voc. in Radiology

The diagnosis and treatment of multiple medical problems depend heavily on radiology. The B. Voc. in Radiology program at CEDP Skill Institute trains students for careers in this specialized sector.

3. B. Voc. in Hotel Management

The tourist and hospitality sectors are expanding, and there is a continuing need for qualified personnel who can deliver first-rate service and oversee various activities. The B.Voc. in Hotel Management program at CEDP Skill Institute gives students the information and abilities needed for a lucrative career in this field.

4. B. Voc. in Data Science

Data science has become a revolutionary force in the dynamic world of the digital era, altering businesses and spurring innovation. The B. Voc. in Data Science program at CEDP Skill Institute equips students with the necessary abilities to successfully traverse this data-driven future.

5. B. Voc. in Cabin Crew

The B. Voc. in Cabin Crew program at CEDP Skill Institute trains aspirants for an exciting profession in aviation.

You can choose from a wide range of popular educational and skill development courses at CEDP. For more details on popular courses at CEDP, please explore our website or connect with us.