Beginning a career as an Automobile Technician has never been easier or more affordable. With CEDP Skill Institute’s ‘Learn and Earn’ Scheme, you can get a certificate in the Automobile Technician Course for just ₹11,000.

On-field experience is important for courses like Automobile Technician, which is why CEDP Skill Institute focuses on practical training in this course. Moreover, under the “Learn and Earn” scheme, students pursuing the course get access to internships where they can learn and sharpen their skills by joining workshops and also earn money through a stipend.

Automobile Technician Certificate in ₹11,000: What Do You Get?

Practical Experience

Academic knowledge is indeed important and, in fact, is the base of any course. However, hands-on experience is equally important. When you pursue an Automobile Technician course, you get proper practical experience along with theory. This is a 1-year course, which includes 6 months for theory and 6 months for practical training.

This priceless practical experience will guarantee that you are not only well-versed in theory but also capable of effectively applying your talents in a real-world context.

Experienced Teachers

It is critical to learn from experienced experts in order to become a qualified Automobile Technician. You’ll get access to seasoned professors who bring a wealth of industry experience to the classroom at the CEDP Skill Institute.

Affordably priced investment

Affordable Education

One of the program’s most notable qualities is its low cost. You can get high-quality education and training that rivals more expensive courses for about ₹11,000. This affordable education is beneficial for students, especially those coming from weaker economic backgrounds.

Recognition and Certification

After completing the program successfully, you will be granted a recognized certification. This certification attests to your skill as an Automobile Technician and considerably increases your employment. Employers value certified technicians for their demonstrated skill and commitment to quality.

Job Placement Assistance

Getting a job after finishing your training is an important step in establishing your career. The CEDP Skill Institute’s curriculum provides extensive job placement assistance that helps students land a decent job after the completion of the course. From resume creation to interview preparation and job search methods, you’ll get the help you need to land a career in the automotive business.

Take advantage of the opportunity to pursue an Automobile Technician course from the CEDP Skill Institute and make a career in automobiles. When you have an Automobile Technician certification in hand, you can even open up your own personal workshops. So even with such small fees, you get the most out of the course.