Are you looking for a financially secure, exciting, and satisfying career path? Well, you have found it! The CEDP Skill Institute’s B.Voc. in Radiology Technician program provides an excellent opportunity to launch your career for an unbelievable price of just $11,000. Yes, it is true. Let us tell you about the Learn and Earn Scheme and much more.

Learn and Earn with CEDP Skill Institute: A Super Opportunity

CEDP Skill Institute, a reputable institute for vocational education, has launched the Learn and Earn Scheme for aspiring Radiology Technicians. Now, you have the opportunity to earn a stipend while undergoing training in addition to receiving a top-notch education. This scheme makes education available to a wider audience at an affordable price, and that too with the chance to earn.

What is Bvoc in Radiology Technician?

Let’s get right to the point: what exactly does this B.Voc. in Radiology Technician mean? B. Voc. stands for Bachelor of Vocation and refers to a specialized undergraduate curriculum that promotes practical knowledge and skills. During your B.Voc. in Radiology Technician, you will be training to become an authority in medical imaging techniques, a key position in the healthcare sector.

What Will You Learn in the Course?

The B.Voc. in Radiology Technician program is intended to provide you with the skills and knowledge needed for this important career in healthcare. You’ll learn how to use radiologic devices, get patients ready for imaging procedures, and guarantee image quality for proper diagnosis. You’ll also learn more about patient safety and care, two main aspects of the profession.

Why Choose a Career as a Radiology Technician?

Let us now discuss the reasons why becoming a radiology technician might be the best career choice for you:

The Healthcare Industry Always Needs More Help:

The demand for skilled Radiology Technicians is increasing as the healthcare sector continues to grow. Your knowledge will always be in demand.

You Will Get Job Security and Stability:

Radiology technicians, among other healthcare professionals, have excellent job security and a stable job market. Knowing that people will always need your skills will give you peace of mind.

It Is a Nobel Work:

You will be an important part of helping doctors diagnose and treat patients. This means your work has a direct effect on people’s health and well-being, which makes it extremely satisfying.

You Will Get Career Advancement Opportunities:

You can also explore different specializations within the field and pursue leadership positions as you gain experience and additional education.

You should not miss the chance to begin a career as a Radiology Technician through the B.Voc. program at CEDP Skill Institute. You can start down the road to a rewarding and in-demand career while earning money during your training, and all this for just ₹11,000! With the Learn and Earn Scheme, everyone can pursue higher education, and the skills you gain are priceless in the rapidly expanding healthcare sector.

Why are you still waiting? Invest in your future today and begin your journey as a Radiology Technician with CEDP Skill Institute. Don’t miss out on this affordable and rewarding opportunity!

Are you hoping to find a job that combines your passion for adventure and hospitality with a manageable salary? Hotel Management is for you! You can begin your journey into this exciting field for just ₹11,000 with a variety of alternatives, including degree programs, certificates, and B.Voc. (Bachelor of Vocation) courses. Let’s Find out about hotel management and learn why it makes for a great career.

The Learn and Earn Scheme at CEDP Skill Institute: Say Hello to Your Future at ₹11000

The Learn and Earn Scheme is one of the most appealing features of pursuing a career in hotel management at the CEDP Skill Institute. We have for you an unmatched opportunity to enroll in the Hotel management course for just ₹11000 and we don’t stop just here. You also get the chance to earn a stipend while you are in training. This unbelievable opportunity has knocked on your door. Don’t let it slide.

What is Hotel Management?

The art of welcoming visitors, ensuring their comfort, and offering first-rate service are all essential to the profession of hotel and hospitality management. Hotel Management opens doors to a wide range of opportunities, whether you wish to work in a five-star hotel, a cool restaurant, or even on a cruise liner.

Choose Your Path: Degree, Diploma, or B.Voc.

Depending on your choices and career objectives, hotel management provides a variety of educational paths:

1. Degree Programs:

A three- to four-year degree in hotel management normally offers a thorough understanding of the sector. From front desk operations to food and beverage management, students study it all. Graduates are prepared for leadership roles.

2. Diploma Courses:

Diplomas often take one to two years and are a more compact, concentrated option. They are best for students who want to enter the workforce quickly since they provide a practical approach to learning.

3. BVOC (Bachelor of Vocation):

B.Voc. programs mix academic knowledge with practical experience. They are best for those who want a well-balanced mix of theory and practical training because they place an emphasis on skill development.

What Will You Learn During the Course?

You’ll learn about a range of subjects in courses on hotel management, such as:

Front Office Management: You will learn how to deal with reservations and guest check-ins and offer the best customer support.

Food and Beverage Management: You will get to study the culinary arts, restaurant operations, and catering.

Housekeeping: You will also master the skill of keeping a welcoming space clean and comfortable for visitors.

Event Management: You will carefully plan and carry out conferences and events.

Finance and Accounting: You will gain knowledge of budgeting, controlling costs, and managing finances.

A career in hotel management can be your golden ticket to an exciting, rewarding, and stable job. There is no better time to start this journey than now, with courses available for as little as ₹11,000 and the chance to earn while you learn with the Learn and Earn Scheme. Enroll in a program for hotel management, and watch as your aspirations for a career in hospitality come true! Head to the CEDP Skill Institute website now!

Do you want to begin a fulfilling career in healthcare? Want to earn while you learn? Then, CEDP Skill Institute’s Learn and Earn Scheme is the right choice for you! Let us introduce you to this amazing chance and discuss every aspect of the Medical Laboratory Technician Course.

The Learn and Earn Scheme at CEDP Skill Institute

The Learn and Earn Scheme at CEDP Skill Institute is the most exciting opportunity for aspiring medical laboratory technicians. This program charges an incredibly low tuition of just ₹ 11,000 for the B.Voc. in Medical Laboratory Technician Course and other courses. In addition to this, the icing on the cake is that trainees are also paid a stipend while they are in training. Yes, you read it right—you can earn money while you study!

The goal of this program is to increase the availability of excellent higher education for everyone. This scheme removes financial barriers and makes sure that people with a passion for healthcare can follow their dreams without being concerned about expensive course fees. So, if you have always wanted to work in medicine, now is the time to jump at this chance.

Medical Laboratory Technician

Let us get into the specifics of the B.Voc. in Medical Laboratory Technician Course now that you are aware of the fantastic Learn and Earn Scheme. Your path to a fulfilling career in the healthcare sector begins with this program.

What’s Included:

Communicative English and Computer Fundamentals:

During this course, you become a strong communicator so that you can interact effectively with the patients and co-workers. You get to learn the fundamentals of computing so you can manage data and navigate healthcare information systems.

Clinical Bio-Chemistry:

You learn how to analyze bodily fluids for disease detection and monitoring with the help of biochemical tests. And also get to know about the lab tools that are used for biochemistry testing and how to use them correctly.

Clinical Microbiology and Parasitology:

In this part, you learn how to find and examine the microbes and parasites that are essential for identifying infectious diseases. In addition, you learn lab methods for the detection of microorganisms and parasites.


In Haematology, you examine the characteristics of blood and how they can be used to diagnose conditions like anemia and clotting issues. This way, you gain experience in using a microscope to examine blood cell morphology.

Blood Banking:

Here, you get knowledge of blood collection, processing, and compatibility testing for secure transfusions. You also learn how to properly store and handle donated blood.


You learn how to prepare tissue samples, look at them under a microscope, and diagnose diseases. Also, you gain knowledge of how to detect and diagnose cancer using histopathology.

The B.Voc. in Medical Laboratory Technician Course will provide you with the knowledge and abilities needed to succeed in this essential role in healthcare. Additionally, you can earn a stipend and gain real-world experience through the Learn and Earn Scheme while you are a student.

Join us at the CEDP Skill Institute and start a new chapter in the exciting field of healthcare. You are only one click away from a bright future as a medical laboratory technician!

Are you prepared to start an exciting journey where learning and earning go hand in hand? The Operation Theater Technician Program could be the pathway to your financial independence if you are looking for a career that is not only fulfilling but much more. Let’s see how you can enroll in this amazing course for just ₹11,000 with the Learn and Earn Scheme at CEDP Skill Institute.

CEDP Skill Institute’s Learn and Earn Scheme: Become an Operation Theater Technician at ₹11,000

The Learn and Earn Scheme at CEDP Skill Institute is the perfect chance for you to enroll in the Operation Theater Technician Program for just ₹11,000. Yes, for such a small fee, you can enroll in this course and begin your career in the healthcare sector. In addition, you will be qualified to receive a stipend while completing your training.

Yes, what you just read is absolutely true. Now, you don’t need to stress about money while you learn important skills and knowledge. This scheme makes the program more accessible to a larger group of people who might have financial difficulties but are very motivated to pursue a career in healthcare.

Operation Theater Technician Program

Let us begin with the fundamentals. The Operation Theater Technician Program is a specialized educational program that prepares you for the rapid and critical work environment of an operation theater (OT). These professionals play an essential role in making sure that surgeries and medical procedures run smoothly.

At this point, you might be wondering, “Why should I think about this program?” Well, this is where it gets exciting!

Why Choose Operation Theater Technician as a Career?

Let’s see why pursuing a career as an Operation Theater Technician is an excellent option.

This Career Choice Is In Demand:

There is an increasing need for qualified Operation Theater Technicians due to the increase in surgeries and medical procedures. There is an expectation that this demand will keep rising in the future.

You Get Job Stability:

The field of healthcare is always growing. You can expect employment safety and stability once you have received training.

You Experience Emotional Satisfaction:

This is an incredibly satisfying job on a team that helps patients live longer and healthier lives.

You Can Keep Advancing In Your Career:

With more experience, you may be able to consider opportunities for career advancement, such as rising to the position of Senior OT Technician or even Supervisor.

The possibilities with the Operation Theater Technician Program are many, and you can get this at a minimal fee of just ₹11,000. It doesn’t get any better than this. This Golden opportunity to not just learn at an affordable fee but also earn while you are in training is not one you would want to miss. So don’t wait! Admissions are open at ₹11,000. Just call us at our toll-free number – 7045904035, or head to the CEDP Skill Institute website.

If you are thinking about working in medical radiography, you are about to hear some exciting news! You have a wonderful chance to earn a B.Sc. in Medical Radiography and Imaging Technology degree for the unbelievably low price of just ₹11,000. Yes, what you just read is true! The amazing Learn and Earn Scheme at CEDP Skill Institute is your chance to earn money while you learn.

Let’s have a look at the details of the B.Sc. in Medical Radiography program, including what you will learn there and why it is a great career choice.

Learn and Earn Scheme: The Perfect Chance is Right Here at Just ₹11000

Let’s discuss the “learn and earn” program, which is the highlight of the show. Through this program, provided by the CEDP Skill Institute, you can enroll in the B.Sc. in Medical Radiography program and become a Radiologist for just ₹11,000. What’s more? There is an even better part of the scheme: you have the chance to make money while you are getting trained. You can learn useful skills, gain practical experience, and make some money all at the same time.

What is B.Sc. in Medical Radiography and Imaging Technology?

Students who complete the 3-year B.Sc. in Medical Radiography and Imaging Technology program will be prepared to operate medical imaging devices like X-ray machines, CT scanners, and MRI machines. By creating high-quality images of the internal structures of the body, these specialists play an important role in helping doctors diagnose and treat medical conditions.

Eligibility Criteria

To take advantage of this program, you must fulfill the simple eligibility criteria. You must have passed the 12th grade. This means that you can apply for this program whether you just graduated from high school or anything after it.

What Will You Learn?

Throughout your B.Sc. in Medical Radiography and Imaging Technology program, you will get thorough training on a variety of medical imaging techniques, including:

Anatomy and Physiology:

Accurate imaging needs knowledge of the structure and operations of the human body. You will learn this in depth.

Radiographic Techniques:

You will learn safe and effective techniques for using imaging technology.

Patient Care:

You will learn patient care as radiographers ensure the safety and comfort of patients during imaging procedures.

Image Analysis:

Accurate image interpretation is a skill that is highly important for helping medical professionals diagnose illnesses.

Radiation Protection:

You will also learn how to make sure that when you use radiation-based equipment, both patients and medical professionals are safe.

Why Choose Medical Radiography as a Career?

Now that you know about this fantastic opportunity to learn while earning money, you might be wondering what is so special about a career in medical radiography. Here are some compelling reasons:

There Is a Growing Need for Radiologists:

Radiographers with the necessary skills are always in demand in the healthcare sector, providing job security and many career opportunities.

You Get a Good Salary:

Radiographers make good money, and as you gain experience, you can make even more.

You Contribute to Healthcare:

By making a significant impact on people’s lives, you will directly contribute to patient care and medical diagnoses.

Your Career Keeps Advancing:

You can advance your career in different directions within the industry with more certifications and experience.

Are you ready to get your B.Sc. in Medical Radiography and Imaging Technology? This is the best time! Take advantage of the Learn and Earn Scheme and enroll in the course for just ₹11000 and then earn a stipend as well! Visit the CEDP Skill Institute website now.

As career options are increasing by the day, it is very important that you choose something that you are interested in. One such option that is becoming more and more popular is radiology, especially with the availability of a B.Voc. in Radiology. But what is radiology exactly, and why should you think about it as a career? Let us look into radiology as a profession and see if it could be a good career option.

Join the Learn and Earn Scheme at CEDP Skill Institute: Starting at Just ₹11,000!

The CEDP Skill Institute has brought you a golden opportunity with the Learn and Earn scheme. Now you can enroll yourself in the most in-demand courses in the industry at a nominal fee of just ₹11,000.

Radiology: An Overview

Radiology is a medical field that uses imaging techniques to diagnose and treat diseases and injuries. Radiologists use a variety of imaging techniques like CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, and others to get detailed images of the insides of the human body. These images are then examined

to understand the patient’s condition, make a diagnosis, and make treatment plans.

Why Consider a Career in Radiology?

1. High Demand for Radiologists:

Experts who can accurately interpret medical images are constantly in demand, both in hospitals and diagnostic facilities.

2. Increased Job Stability:

As the need for radiologists has increased, job security and stability have also increased.

3. There Are Many Specializations:

There are many specialization options available in radiology, giving you the option to concentrate on things like nuclear medicine, MRI, and ultrasound, among other things. You can pursue the specialization you are interested in.

4. There Is Constant Technological Development:

The field of radiology is connected to technology, so you will remain at the forefront of innovation.

5. It Is a Financially Rewarding Career:

A career in radiology can be financially rewarding. You can expect competitive pay and room for professional growth.

Pursuing a B.Voc. in Radiology: The Read Ahead

If you feel like the career of a radiologist is the right one for you, then a B.Voc. in Radiology can be the next step for you. A B.Voc. (Bachelor of Vocation) program is made to give you practical, hands-on training that will help you succeed in your field. As this program focuses on skill development, it is highly useful in a career choice like Radiology, which is a technical field.

During your B.Voc. in Radiology program, you will learn about various imaging techniques, radiation safety protocols, patient care, and how to interpret medical images. You will also get practical training where you will do an internship under professionals to get first-hand experience of how things are done in a Healthcare setup.

A B.Voc. in Radiology is the perfect road ahead to set yourself in the right direction. It also sets the right foundation for further studies for you. So, are you ready to jump into the career of a radiologist? Then visit the CEDP Skill Institute website to learn more about the B.Voc. in Radiology course.

Want to upskill yourself to build a successful career? Then you do not have to look anywhere else. The CEDP Skill Institute has introduced the Learn and Earn Scheme, which allows you to learn new skills and get ready for the best jobs in different sectors for an affordable fee of ₹ 11,000.

Let’s have a look at the different courses you can enroll in and the application process.

CEDP Skill Institute: The Learn and Earn scheme

The CEDP Skill Institute constantly provides students with quality education and skill development that is highly valued in the job market. And now, the Learn and Earn scheme is another great initiative to make higher education available to more people at affordable prices. This scheme not only helps you gain knowledge and skills but also makes you employable and increases your chances of earning while you learn.

Courses Available with CEDP Skill Institute

1. General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM)

The GNM course might be the best fit for you if you are passionate about healthcare and want to contribute in other’s life. GNM helps you learn the important skills that you need to become a knowledgeable and compassionate nurse. The Learn and Earn scheme allows you to begin your journey in the medical sector at a low cost, paving the way for an enjoyable profession.

2. Hotel Management

If you are someone who is interested in the hospitality sector then the Hotel Management course is perfect for you. This sector has a lot of fruitful career opportunities. In this course, you get to learn the about the hotel industry and can enter the world of resort and hotel  management in no time. This course can help you set foot in the hospitality sector and grow from there.

3. Automobile Technician

Do you love to work with cars and learn it’s mechanics? Then, the automobile technician course can turn things around for you and get you in the field you like. In this course, you get the practical skills that are extremely important to understand and repair vehicles. With the minimal fee you can open up the entire world of automotive industry for you.

4. Medical Lab Technician

The healthcare sector relies heavily on medical lab technicians to diagnose illnesses. This makes being a medical lab technician a very useful and important career option through which you can earn a great living and also help people. Through the Learn and Earn Scheme, you can open up the doors to the healthcare sector in no time.

Benefits of the Learn and Earn Scheme

Affordable Fees: Now you can learn great in-demand skills at a nominal price of ₹ 11,000, so you don’t have to worry about financial restrictions anymore.

Hands-on Learning: The scheme gives you the chance to learn practically so that you possess all the skills that are needed and valued in the real world.

Earning Opportunities: The Learn and Earn scheme also gives you the amazing option of earning a stipend while you are undergoing the training. This way, you gain financial independence and motivation

Exposure to the Industry: CEDP Skill Institute has strong ties with industry partners, which means you get the chance to do internships and get placed at great companies to start your career.

Advancement in your career: Once you complete the course that you have picked, you will have all the skills you need to enter the sector that you want. With the help of these skills and knowledge, you will be able to grow in your field quickly.

How to Apply

Applying for the Learn and Earn scheme at the CEDP Skill Institute is a quick and easy process.

  1. Go to the CEDP Skill Institute website.
  2. Go to the Learn and Earn scheme section.
  3. Follow the guidelines given on the page for application.
  4. Choose the course you like.
  5. Finish the process.

The Learn and Earn scheme by CEDP Skill Institute is the perfect chance for you to pursue that education and career you have been wanting for so long. The process is simple, and the chance is now. So, go to our official CEDP Skill Institute website right away and get the process started.

Acquiring knowledge and communication skills is essential, and it makes you marketable to employers at the same time. The CEDP Skill Institute in Thane understands the importance of job-ready skills and has designed a comprehensive range of courses to equip students with the knowledge and expertise required by industry leaders. Let us take you through the top-notch skills that can bring you success in the job market.

Automobile Technician

Course: Certificate in Automobile Technician

Job opportunity: Master automotive technician, master mechanic, maintenance specialist, etc.

The demand for automotive engineers and technicians is rising as there are more vehicles on the road. When you have skills in your hands, you are welcomed by the industry leader. Apart from working in a garage or for an industry, you can open up your own garage or workshop.

Hotel Operations

Course: Diploma in Hospitality Management

Job Opportunity: Hotel Operations Manager

The hospitality industry is thriving, and hotels are constantly in search of skilled professionals to manage their operations efficiently. With a Diploma in Hospitality Management from CEDP Skill Institute Thane, you can gain expertise in hotel operations, customer service, and team management. This course opens the door to lucrative job opportunities as a Hotel Operations Manager, where you can oversee various aspects of hotel management and ensure a seamless guest experience.

Data Analytics

Course: B. Voc. Data Science Program or Advanced Certificate in Data Analytics

Job Opportunities: Analytics manager, data scientist, business analyst, and database administrator are all examples of job titles.

Organizations rely on data analytics to get important insights and make educated business decisions in the age of big data. You may study data collection, analysis, visualization methods, and statistical modeling with a Certificate in Data Analytics at CEDP Skill Institute, Thane.

Cabin Crew

Course: Diploma in Aviation and Cabin Crew

Job Opportunity: Flight Attendant, Ground Staff

If you want to explore the world while delivering excellent customer service, being a flight attendant is an excellent alternative. With a Diploma in Aviation and Cabin Crew from CEDP Skill Institute Thane, you can learn about aviation safety, in-flight services, emergency procedures, and passenger management. This course prepares you for a dynamic career as a Flight Attendant with airlines, where you can embark on exciting journeys and create memorable experiences for passengers.

Medical Laboratory Technician

Course: B. Voc. in Medical Lab Technology

Job Opportunity: Lab technician and assistant in Medical Colleges, private labs, research labs, and diagnostic centers

With a B. Voc. in Medical Lab Technology from CEDP, you’ll have a world of opportunities at your fingertips. When you have skills and technical knowledge about medical laboratories, your skills will be in high demand. Join CEDP and unlock a career that allows you to make a real difference in people’s lives.

CEDP Skill Institute in Thane provides a wide range of courses geared to provide students with job-ready skills in a variety of sectors. Enrolling in one of these courses will allow you to broaden your skill set, raise your employability, and begin a successful career path in your selected industry.