Do you enjoy math, computing, and problem solving? Then a career in data science may be perfect for you!

Data science is a rapidly expanding field that helps businesses make better decisions by using analytics, computer programming, and numbers. Data scientists can uncover insightful business information by analyzing the data.

What is Data Science?

Data science is the study of large amounts of data called ‘big data’. Companies collect large amounts of information from their customers, sales, websites, and other operations. Data science helps interpret this type of data to improve business.

Data scientists use math, statistics, computer programming, and problem solving to analyze massive amounts of data. Their main work includes:

This type of analysis helps companies identify new opportunities and make smart business strategies. Data science improves decision making across industries like healthcare, retail, banking, agriculture, and more.

Why is Data Science Popular Now?

Nowadays, enormous quantities of data are gathered from social media, online shopping, mobile devices, and more. Companies need help manage these “enormous quantities of data” and comprehend them.

Data science techniques like machine learning and artificial intelligence can find hidden insights from data. This is why data science is becoming so important for all businesses, and jobs in this field are growing very fast.

From 2021 to 2026, the global market for data science platforms is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.7% from its 2021 valuation of USD 95.3 billion. It is anticipated that revenue will total $322.9 billion by 2026. (Source)

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Why is a Career in Data Science Desirable?

Here are a few important reasons why data science is an excellent career option:

In Great Demand: Companies are in dire need of data science expertise. So jobs are increasing quickly and will continue to grow.

Rewarding: Due to the strong demand, entry-level data scientists can expect to make up to Rs. 8 lakhs annually. It is among the top paying new careers.

Interesting Work: You get to work on real business problems using the latest technologies like AI and machine learning. The work is exciting and challenging.

Continuous Learning: New data tools and techniques keep coming out. So data scientists get to constantly expand their skills.

Multiple Domains: Data science can be used across different industries like healthcare, agriculture, finance, technology, etc. You can select a sector of the industry you like.

Flexible Roles: Data skills are useful for multiple roles, like data analyst, data engineer, business analyst, etc., giving you more job options.

How Can You Start a Data Science Career?

B.Voc. in Data Science is a perfect program to enter the industry.

The CEDP Skill Institute offers a B.Voc. in Data Science that covers programming languages, data tools, and real world projects. This helps you start working as a data science professional. Our program has expert faculty, guaranteed internships, and job assistance.

We at CEDP are committed to developing well-rounded people. Our program places a strong emphasis on critical thinking, problem-solving techniques, communication skills, and teamwork in addition to technical knowledge, enabling you to achieve success in both your personal and professional lives.

By starting early, you can enjoy a rewarding data science career. So if you are a curious problem solver with a passion for numbers, data science has fantastic opportunities waiting for you. Begin your data science journey right away. Enroll today.

The “Learn and Earn” program from CEDP has made it simpler than ever to pursue a data science education in India. Do you know that after the United States, India ranks second in terms of data scientist recruitment? Imagine the number of jobs this course can offer.

What if we say now you can pursue a B. Voc. in Data Science at just ₹ 11000?

Yes, it has been made possible by the CEDP Skill Institute, where you can enroll in a Data Science course for just ₹11,000. The CEDP Skill Institute introduced its “Lean and Earn” scheme with the goal of providing high-quality yet cost-effective education.

Why Choose a B. Voc. in Data Science Course?

Practical Focus: B. Voc. programs are designed to provide hands-on training and practical skills that are directly applicable in the workplace. This means you’ll be equipped with the skills needed to excel in the field of Data Science.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum: B. Voc. in Data Science programs are often developed in consultation with industry experts, ensuring that the curriculum is up-to-date and aligned with the latest trends and technologies in Data Science.

Shorter Duration: B. Voc. programs are typically shorter in duration compared to traditional bachelor’s degrees, allowing you to enter the workforce sooner and start applying your skills. So, if you are someone who cannot spend 3 or 4 years pursuing the course, a B. Voc. in Data Science can be your go-to option, where you will get quality education in a short span.

Specialized Training: B. Voc. programs are usually focused on a specific vocation or field, such as data science. This specialization can make you more competitive in the job market.

Internship Opportunities: Many B. Voc. programs include internships or work placements, giving you valuable real-world experience and a chance to network with potential employers. If you pursue a B. Voc. in Data Science at just ₹11,000 from the CEDP Skill Institute, you get internship opportunities where you will be earning a stipend.

Skill-Based Certification: Upon completion, you’ll receive an advanced certification in Data Science that highlights your specific skill set in Data Science, making you a more attractive candidate to employers.

How do I enroll in a Data Science Course at CEDP?

Applying for the Learn and Earn plan at the CEDP Skill Institute is a simple and straightforward procedure.

It is the best opportunity to pursue an advanced certification course in Data Science for just ₹11,000 from the CEDP Skill Institute. This program is a great investment in your future because of its low cost, high-quality education, and opportunities for promotion. Don’t pass up the opportunity to go on a rewarding road to becoming a skilled data scientist. Enroll today to begin your journey toward a brighter, data-driven future.


If you’re thinking about taking an advanced data science course in Mumbai, you may be wondering what information and skills you’ll get. You might be wondering about the curriculum, eligibility, and what this course has to offer. We will look at the intriguing curriculum of an advanced data science course in Mumbai, so keep on reading.

What Is an Advanced Data Science Course?

An advanced data science course is a training program that teaches in-depth and specialized information in the subject of data science. An advanced data science course in Mumbai, which can be pursued after data science certification courses for beginners in Mumbai that teach introductory or beginner-level courses, is designed for those who already have a good foundation in data science ideas and want to dive deeper into the field.

The Curriculum of an Advanced Data Science Course in Mumbai

An advanced data science course in Mumbai is intended to provide learners with specific skills and knowledge for dealing with complex data difficulties in business. The course often covers a variety of topics in order to offer a thorough grasp of data science and its applications. You may learn the below-listed subjects in an advanced data science course in Mumbai:

Python Machine Learning: This session digs into sophisticated machine learning techniques using Python, one of the most popular data science computer languages.

Business Analytics in R: Business Analytics in R exposes students to predictive analytics approaches and the R programming language in order to address business problems. It will assist students in learning the fundamentals of statistical techniques as well as the fundamentals and advanced parts of the R programming language.

SQL Data Analysis

Structured Query Language (SQL) is required for relational database data retrieval and modification. This module may cover topics such as SQL fundamentals, including data searching and filtering, joins, and subqueries for retrieving complicated data.

Microsoft Excel Training:

Excel is widely used for data analysis and reporting in various industries. In this module, participants will learn:

Data visualization in Tableau

The Data Visualization in Tableau lesson teaches students how to look at and comprehend data using Tableau, the world’s premier analytics platform. They will learn how to develop data dashboards and stories to present their findings to the appropriate management team.

Completing an advanced data science course may considerably improve a data professional’s skill set and job prospects. If you are an HSC passed, undergraduate or graduate, you can apply for this course. You can enroll in an advanced data science course in Mumbai by simply researching online about various institutes offering the same course and reading reviews and curriculums.