A career as a cabin crew might be the perfect fit for you if you’ve ever imagined flying through the air and helping travelers have a better experience. Your pass to this exciting career is a Diploma in Cabin Crew and Aviation, so let’s see how.

What is the Course About?

The one-year Diploma in Cabin Crew and Aviation program provides you with the skills and knowledge required to be successful in the aviation sector. Its goal is to give you the direction and instruction you require to develop into a proficient member of the cabin crew.

To help you get started on this thrilling journey, here is a guide.


You must have at least an intermediate or graduation qualification and be between the ages of 20 and 30 to enroll in this course.

Course Duration and Curriculum:

The program is one year long and includes both theoretical and practical training. What you will learn is broken down as follows:

Practical Training: In a classroom that is designed to look like an actual aircraft, you will be able to put your newly learned skills to use. You will become familiar with overhead compartments, front and rear service areas, and more through this practical experience.

Training Modules: This course covers a variety of topics, including airport handling, ticketing and flight training, grooming, in-flight announcements, security, food and beverage service, cabin crew responsibilities, and service management.

Professional-Level Instructors: The theoretical classes are taught by professionals who are familiar with the constantly changing aviation industry. One benefit is that your classroom will be designed like an airplane, meaning that you will be learning in a perfect setting for intellectual stimulation.

What You Will Learn:

During the course, you will learn many important skills, like:

Career Opportunities:

A diploma in cabin crew and aviation opens up a wide range of job options for you, such as:

The Job Scope:

A member of the cabin crew is in charge of several pre- and during-flight duties. These include completing security checks, making sure the aircraft is stocked with food and drink, greeting guests, and helping them locate their seats. They oversee passenger safety, serve food, make announcements, and administer first aid as needed while in flight.

Salary Prospects:

In terms of earning potential, the starting salaries for cabin crew members range from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000, depending on the airline you work for. Also, your income will rise significantly as you advance into higher-paying roles and gain experience.

So now is the time to enroll in the course. Just head to the CEDP Institute website and get all the information you need for the Aviation and Cabin Crew Diploma.