In the healthcare sector, two professions often confuse people: general nursing and midwifery. Both professions, however, work toward assisting and caring for patients and more or less share the same work, but they both have a few differences that we will discuss in this blog.

General Nurse vs. Midwife

Let us define a nurse and a midwife to better understand the difference between general nursing and midwifery.


Nurses are trained medical professionals who specialize in providing assistance, care, and medical support to patients. Nurses collaborate closely with doctors, therapists, and other healthcare professionals to give patients the best care possible. General nursing focuses primarily on the following nursing specialties:


A midwife is a healthcare worker who assists women throughout their labor and delivery. These professionals have formal training and may work in hospitals or the homes of their patients. They may be in charge of all aspects of delivery, from pregnancy through postpartum care. They may assist women in navigating the childbearing process.

What Makes General Nursing Different from Midwifery

Types of Patients

General nursing takes care of people who are sick, undergoing treatment, or have disabilities.

Midwifery is provided to women during their pregnancy and sometimes after they have given birth to take care of their health and overall well-being. Women can receive midwifery care whether they are healthy or experiencing pregnancy complications.

Area of Expertise

To care for patients with a variety of health issues and illnesses, nurses need a broad range of medical knowledge and skills, which general nursing training gives them. General Nurses work closely with doctors and know about general diseases.

Midwives are experts in women’s health and maternity care. Their specialty is providing complete prenatal care, aiding with natural delivery, and supporting and guiding pregnant women throughout the birthing process.

Key Responsibilities

Both professions’ primary focus is to provide exceptional care and support to their patients. Nurses adhere to the treatment plan established by a doctor or nurse practitioner and ensure that patients receive the appropriate drugs and attention.

Midwives specialize in providing medical care to pregnant women, such as addressing health conditions and delivering newborns.

Job Responsibilities of a Nurse 

Job Responsibilities of a Midwife

Both professions are important pillars of the healthcare sector and assure their patients’ well-being and health at all phases of life. You can enroll in a reputable nursing program, such as the General Nursing and Midwifery course if you intend to pursue a career in these professions.