Do you want to study further, but the cost of education is stopping you from having the bright future you want? Then there is a superb opportunity for you that can help you secure a stable and prosperous future as well as help with personal growth.

Enter the Learn and Earn scheme at CEDP Skill Institute, a fantastic chance for you to gain valuable skills and education at an incredibly affordable price of just ₹11,000. With leading B.Voc. Degree courses such as GNM, Hotel Management, Automobile Technician, and Medical Lab Technician available to you, you can build a successful career for yourself in no time.

Continue reading to learn how to apply right away and start down the path to freedom and self-reliance.

Available Courses:

The Learn and Earn scheme at CEDP Skill Institute offers you a wide variety of courses to meet the growing demands of different industries. It does not matter if you want to enter healthcare, hospitality, automobiles, or laboratory technology, there’s a course to make your dreams come true:

General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM): If you are passionate about caregiving, the GNM course is for you. This course offers you all the necessary skills and knowledge to become competent nurses. From taking care of patients to performing medical procedures. This course guarantees that you are ready to have a positive impact in the healthcare industry.

Hotel Management: The hospitality industry is growing continuously, and our Hotel Management course provides you with everything you need to succeed in this field. You will learn the art of creating pleasant guest experiences in addition to managing the other work of the hotels and resorts.

Automobile Technician: The demand for automobile technicians is rising as the world becomes more and more driven by technology. With the Automobile Technician course, you get to learn how to repair vehicles, their maintenance, and much more.

Medical Lab Technician: In the healthcare sector, medical lab technicians have become an important part of the diagnosis process. If you are interested in helping patients, the Medical Lab Technician course can be the way to go. This course trains students to become competent with diagnostic and laboratory procedures.

B.Voc. Degree Award:

Once you successfully complete the Learn and Earn scheme, you are rewarded with a B.Voc. Degree that is recognized by the job market, increasing your chance of getting a job in a reputable company and opening the doors for a wide range of career opportunities.

Becoming Self-Reliant:

The Learn and Earn scheme provides you with the chance to not just gain higher education but also become independent and self-sufficient. As you learn the important skills that are valued by the industry and the job market, your future becomes more secure, and you are able to earn for yourself and gain financial independence. With the CEDP Skill Institute scheme, you can also plan for your own business and a fruitful future for yourself.

Application Process:

The application process for the Learn and Earn scheme is simple and can be done online in a few steps. Just go to the official CEDP Skill Institute website, select the course you are interested in, and follow the instructions given on the page. With the fees starting at just ₹11,000, this scheme is the perfect opportunity for you to make your dreams come true.

The Learn and Earn scheme at CEDP Skill Institute is the ultimate education and skill development program that you need. Do not wait any longer. It is time to take action. Head to the CEDP Skill Institute website, enroll yourself today, and start your journey to success!

Want to upskill yourself to build a successful career? Then you do not have to look anywhere else. The CEDP Skill Institute has introduced the Learn and Earn Scheme, which allows you to learn new skills and get ready for the best jobs in different sectors for an affordable fee of ₹ 11,000.

Let’s have a look at the different courses you can enroll in and the application process.

CEDP Skill Institute: The Learn and Earn scheme

The CEDP Skill Institute constantly provides students with quality education and skill development that is highly valued in the job market. And now, the Learn and Earn scheme is another great initiative to make higher education available to more people at affordable prices. This scheme not only helps you gain knowledge and skills but also makes you employable and increases your chances of earning while you learn.

Courses Available with CEDP Skill Institute

1. General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM)

The GNM course might be the best fit for you if you are passionate about healthcare and want to contribute in other’s life. GNM helps you learn the important skills that you need to become a knowledgeable and compassionate nurse. The Learn and Earn scheme allows you to begin your journey in the medical sector at a low cost, paving the way for an enjoyable profession.

2. Hotel Management

If you are someone who is interested in the hospitality sector then the Hotel Management course is perfect for you. This sector has a lot of fruitful career opportunities. In this course, you get to learn the about the hotel industry and can enter the world of resort and hotel  management in no time. This course can help you set foot in the hospitality sector and grow from there.

3. Automobile Technician

Do you love to work with cars and learn it’s mechanics? Then, the automobile technician course can turn things around for you and get you in the field you like. In this course, you get the practical skills that are extremely important to understand and repair vehicles. With the minimal fee you can open up the entire world of automotive industry for you.

4. Medical Lab Technician

The healthcare sector relies heavily on medical lab technicians to diagnose illnesses. This makes being a medical lab technician a very useful and important career option through which you can earn a great living and also help people. Through the Learn and Earn Scheme, you can open up the doors to the healthcare sector in no time.

Benefits of the Learn and Earn Scheme

Affordable Fees: Now you can learn great in-demand skills at a nominal price of ₹ 11,000, so you don’t have to worry about financial restrictions anymore.

Hands-on Learning: The scheme gives you the chance to learn practically so that you possess all the skills that are needed and valued in the real world.

Earning Opportunities: The Learn and Earn scheme also gives you the amazing option of earning a stipend while you are undergoing the training. This way, you gain financial independence and motivation

Exposure to the Industry: CEDP Skill Institute has strong ties with industry partners, which means you get the chance to do internships and get placed at great companies to start your career.

Advancement in your career: Once you complete the course that you have picked, you will have all the skills you need to enter the sector that you want. With the help of these skills and knowledge, you will be able to grow in your field quickly.

How to Apply

Applying for the Learn and Earn scheme at the CEDP Skill Institute is a quick and easy process.

  1. Go to the CEDP Skill Institute website.
  2. Go to the Learn and Earn scheme section.
  3. Follow the guidelines given on the page for application.
  4. Choose the course you like.
  5. Finish the process.

The Learn and Earn scheme by CEDP Skill Institute is the perfect chance for you to pursue that education and career you have been wanting for so long. The process is simple, and the chance is now. So, go to our official CEDP Skill Institute website right away and get the process started.

Tourism and hospitality have grown dramatically in recent years, becoming a thriving industry on a global scale. Aspiring professionals interested in a career in this industry can pursue a variety of educational paths, including Bachelor of Vocational Studies (B. Voc) programs in Hotel Management. In this blog post, we’ll look at the fascinating career choices and ample chances available to B. Voc graduates in the fast-paced sector of tourism and hospitality.

The Tourism and Hospitality Sector is Booming:

The Tourism and hospitality sector has emerged as a vital engine of economic growth, considerably contributing to employment and income generation. With rising globalization and travel patterns, the industry provides several chances for talented workers in a variety of areas, including hotels, resorts, restaurants, event management, and tourism.

Bvoc Hotel Management Programmes: A Pathway to Success:

Hotel Management Bvoc programs have grown in popularity as a practical and industry-focused educational path. These programs provide students with a combination of theoretical understanding and hands-on training, preparing them to face real-world difficulties effectively. The curriculum is designed to develop the necessary skills and abilities for success in the tourist and hospitality industries.

Diverse Employment Pathways for B. Voc Graduates:

After finishing a B. Voc program in Hotel Management, graduates have access to a wide range of employment opportunities that are suited to their interests and strengths. Some notable professional trajectories include:

  1. Hotel Operations: B. Voc graduates can pursue fascinating careers as front office executives, guest service managers, revenue managers, and event coordinators in hotels and resorts. These professions provide prospects for advancement as well as direct interaction with guests, assuring their happiness.
  2. Food and Beverage Management: The food and beverage industry is critical to the hospitality industry. Restaurant managers, banquet managers, bar managers, and catering coordinators can use their B, Voc degrees to control culinary operations and provide great dining experiences.
  3. Event Management: As the number of corporate events, conferences, and weddings has increased, event management has become a lucrative area of the tourist and hospitality industries. Event planning, coordination, and execution responsibilities are available to B. Voc graduates, delivering effective and memorable events.
  4. Travel and Tourism: B. Voc graduates can work as travel consultants, tour operators, destination managers, or even travel bloggers in the intriguing world of travel and tourism. They can help travelers create remarkable experiences while also boosting tourism.

Entrepreneurship and Business Ventures:

B. Voc Hotel Management graduates have the skills and knowledge to start their own businesses in the tourist and hospitality industries. They can create their own hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, or event management organizations if they have a thorough understanding of industry trends, consumer preferences, and operational management. Entrepreneurship allows you to innovate and shape the landscape of your industry.

Continuous Learning and Growth:

The tourism and hospitality industries rely on innovation, changing client expectations, and developing trends to thrive. Through professional development programs, certifications, and advanced degrees, B. Voc graduates can embrace lifelong learning. This dedication to remaining current on industry advancements ensures continued progress and opens doors to positions of leadership.


Bvoc in Hotel Management equips graduates with a thorough and practical approach to preparing them for a successful career in the tourism and hospitality industry. The diverse range of professional opportunities and career paths accessible to B. Voc graduates promises a stimulating and fulfilling experience in this fast-paced field. B. Voc graduates can have a huge impact on the future of tourism and hospitality by using their skills, knowledge, and passion.

In India’s thriving city and financial center, Mumbai, there are many opportunities in the hotel sector. Enrolling in a hotel management diploma program in Mumbai might be a good choice for people hoping to develop a successful career in this industry. With networking opportunities, practical training, industry relevance, and courses that are relevant to the business, these programs equip aspiring hoteliers with the fundamental abilities and information required to succeed in the fast-paced hospitality sector.

Let us jump into the main benefits of enrolling in diploma programs in hotel management in Mumbai.

1.  Relevance to the Sector and Specialty

Mumbai’s hotel management diploma programs focus on the particular abilities and expertise needed in the hospitality business, making them industry-relevant.

2. Experiential Learning and Practical Training

The emphasis on practical training and actual learning is one of the major benefits of diploma programs in hotel management in Mumbai.

3. Contacts in the Industry and Networking

Aspiring hoteliers have plenty of networking possibilities because of Mumbai’s thriving hospitality market.

During these conversations, you can network with seasoned professionals, forge meaningful connections, and learn about the industry.

4. Job Growth and International Possibilities

A Mumbai-based hotel management diploma might open doors to rewarding professional options and international travel.

Wondering where to enroll? We are right here! CEDP provides you with the best diploma courses in hotel management in Mumbai. You can arm yourself with the knowledge and abilities needed to thrive in the fast-paced hospitality industry and start down the path to a successful career by enrolling in our institute.

The hospitality industry is one of India’s blooming and fastest-growing industries. As per Cumulative Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) metrics, it is the second quickest industry to excel after the IT sector. This industry offers many career prospects to qualified individuals and happens to be the second largest industry to provide employment. It is a wise decision to consider hotel management after HSC. There is a vast career scope in taking Hotel Management post HSC, which will lead to abundant career opportunities. Hotel Management is a vast field and caters to multiple career opportunities, and these are crucial characteristics of opting for the HM course. This article will reveal the scope and aspects of the procedure to opt for Hotel Management courses after 12th.

Specifications and details

Let’s look at the specifications and details of the career scope of enrolling for this course. You probably read the right words if you consider taking this career path. Here we will highlight the scope of choosing this career path post HSC exams.  Let’s look at the high-paying jobs you can crack after pursuing Hotel Management.

The minimum qualification required for the course is HSC, and the students must have a good command of English. This is one of the best ways to begin your career in hospitality.

Food production lab –

The food production lab is well-equipped because of advanced equipment such as electric induction, deep freezer, sandwich griller, oven, cooking utensils, and other necessary tools as a result it ensures that all food training is administered safely.

Food and beverage training room –

The students are trained for table setting, serving style, bar arrangement, and other practical crafts about service and operations to excel in vital skills for the F & B Room.

The housekeeping lab –

The students are trained for bed making, cleaning used materials, and impressive room arrangements used in hotels in a wholly functional housekeeping lab.

Industry Exposure

This course consists of practical and on-the-job training. These are crucial skills that one must comprehend to sustain in the hospitality industry. The hotel management course provides a holistic training experience for the trainee to tap into fruitful career opportunities. It is highly advisable to enroll for the course to kickstart your career in the hospitality industry.