If you are planning to make your career in the medical field, you might be aware of the high-demanding fees. These over-head fees can break the dreams of students coming from economically weaker backgrounds. The CEDP Skill Institute makes sure that every student has access to medical education, and their academic goals should not be compromised because of money.

That is the reason CEDP Skill Institute has introduced its “Learn and Earn” Scheme, where students can pursue medical courses for just ₹11,000.

Medical Laboratory Technology Course at ₹11,000

The CEDP Skill Institute is offering a Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) Course at ₹11,000; students who are planning to become medical lab technicians can pursue this course. Below is an overview of the course, which will give you insights into the curriculum.

A Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) course is basically for students who are interested in lab testing and diagnosis. It teaches students about the diagnosis of different diseases by studying blood and urine samples. After completion of the course, students become certified lab technicians.

What Is Included in an MLT Course?

Communicative English: The goal of this course is to help students build good communication abilities in English. It includes tasks in speaking, listening, reading, and writing to help you improve your language skills.

Computer Fundamentals: This course introduces students to the fundamentals of computer operations such as hardware, software, file management, and basic troubleshooting needed to preserve data records and files.

Clinical Bio-Chemistry: Clinical biochemistry is the study of chemical processes within the body and how they relate to health and illness. It is very useful in identifying and monitoring various medical diseases.

Clinical Microbiology and Parasitology: This field of research is concerned with identifying and controlling microorganisms (such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites) that might cause disease in people.

Haematology: The study of blood and blood-forming tissues is the focus of haematology. It entails learning about blood problems, blood cell morphology, and blood testing.

Blood Banking: The safe collection, storage, and transfusion of blood and blood products is the focus of this topic. Healthcare institutions must maintain a consistent supply of safe blood for patients in need.

Histopathology: It is the study of tissues and cells under a microscope in order to diagnose illnesses and disorders. It is an important part of pathology since it aids in the study of illnesses at the cellular level.

Job Opportunities After an MLT Course

After acquiring a certification in MLT, you become a certified lab technician and can work in the following fields:

Starting a career as a Medical Lab Technician is now easier than ever, just because of the CEDP Skill Institute’s “Learn and Earn” Scheme, which allows you to take admission in an MLT Course for ₹11,000. So, don’t allow your financial constraints to prevent you from pursuing a rewarding and crucial position in the healthcare business; enroll in the program now to start your journey.