The term “physiotherapy” refers to a type of treatment that employs both physical and mechanical forces. It is performed to recover and preserve maximal mobility and functional abilities. Students must enroll themselves in a bachelor’s of physiotherapy course to get a degree and become certified physiotherapists.

This blog will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the bachelor’s of physiotherapy course details in Mumbai, including eligibility, duration, and scope of the physiotherapy course in Mumbai.

Admission Process to Get Into a BPT Course in Mumbai

To get admission to a bachelor’s of Physiotherapy course in Mumbai, students must meet the eligibility criteria set up by the institute they are enrolling in. However, different institutes and universities may have some differences in their criteria. The basic criteria to get admission to the BPT course in Mumbai requires students to have 10+2 with at least 50% in English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Is NEET Clearance Mandatory for BPT Admission in Mumbai?

One question that often arises among students when they plan to take admission to the bachelor’s of physiotherapy course is whether they need to clear NEET for admission to BPT.

Only some of the universities might require NEET clearance for BPT admission. However, to take admission to the BPT course, NEET is not mandatory.

Candidates interested in the BPT Course in Maharashtra must sit the Maharashtra common entrance test. Candidates seeking admission to the BPT program must score at least 120 out of 200 on the Maharashtra CET.

Physiotherapy Degree Duration

A Bachelor of Physiotherapy is typically a four-and-a-half-year undergraduate program that combines both academic and practical study. Throughout the first three years, you will study anatomy, physiology, medical ethics, and exercise therapy. You will do an internship or clinical training in your final year, allowing you to obtain real-world experience and work with patients under supervision.

What Is the Scope of Physiotherapy in Mumbai?

Physiotherapist jobs in Mumbai are growing faster than ever before, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the physical therapy industry will grow by 39%.

There will be a large need for experienced and well-trained physiotherapists in India and overseas due to an aging population, increasing numbers of patients, and injuries.

Career Opportunities After Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy

A bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy opens many doors for students. For example, students with a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy may work as:

The jobs are not limited to the above-mentioned professions only. You can research more about physiotherapy course details online and gather information.

As we have discussed above in the course details of a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, one can enroll in an institute by following their admission guidelines and meeting the eligibility criteria set by their respective institute. With the increasing demand for physiotherapists in Mumbai, you will have numerous opportunities to work in hospitals, clinics, fitness centers, etc.