Nowadays, the prices for quality education and courses are increasing, and access to degree courses in fields like healthcare, automobiles, and hospitality has become a luxury that not all aspiring students can afford. But what if we say that you can now pursue healthcare, hospitality, automobiles, and aviation courses for just ₹11,000?

The CEDP Skill Institute offers students an opportunity to pursue these courses for just ₹11,000 under its “Learn and Earn Scheme.” Below is a comprehensive guide about what you will get in the “Learn and Earn Scheme.”

How Does the “Learn and Earn Scheme” Work?

The “Learn and Earn Scheme” by the CEDP Skill Institute is developed by keeping in mind the need to earn while students learn. This means students will have opportunities to earn money so they can pay for their tuition and other academic expenses.

Students can participate in this model’s paid internships or part-time employment options. This not only lowers the cost of the courses but also gives students practical experience.

Courses Available for ₹11,000

The B. Voc. courses for just ₹11000 are available in the fields of healthcare, hospitality, automobiles, and hospitality. Below is a list of the courses that you can pursue under the “Learn and Earn” scheme.




What Benefits You Get After Completing Your Courses?

Students have a wide range of job options in the healthcare, automotive, and hotel management industries after completing their B.Voc. studies. These industries are popular for their stable employment and room for expansion, which attracts aspiring professionals.

Graduates with a background in healthcare can consider careers as pharmacy technicians, medical assistants, and healthcare administrators. The healthcare industry is constantly expanding and offers a wide range of professional opportunities.

Automobile lovers have a variety of job options, including auto mechanics, service consultants, and quality control inspectors. To keep up with technological changes, the automotive industry is constantly in need of qualified employees.

Graduates of hotel management programs have a variety of career options, such as hotel managers, event coordinators, or catering managers. Those with the necessary skills who can produce unique guest experiences are in high demand in the hospitality sector.

Completion of such highly-demanded courses and that too for just ₹11,000, wouldn’t be less than rewarding yourself with a World Cup trophy. So, enroll now in your preferred course and embark on a fruitful academic journey.