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What Is the Fee for the Diploma in Automobile Technician?

All the aspirants, or we can say that car enthusiasts who are interested in pursuing an automobile technician course, have one common question “What are the fees of an automobile technician course”?

Well, not with the automobile technician course, but with every course, the fees vary from university to university. We have, however, discussed below the average fees to pursue an automobile course in India. We have also discussed below the opportunity to pursue an automobile technician course for just ₹11,000.

Understanding the Regular Fees for an Automobile Technician Course

The average fee to pursue an automobile technician course in India can start at ₹20,000 and go up to ₹2,00,000. There are a lot of factors that contribute to the amount of fees, such as the popularity of the institution and the location of the institution (city and state).

The growing number of cars on the road today and the rate at which automotive technology is developing make it evident why automotive courses are in high demand. The high demand means higher fees to pursue the course.

However, did you know that you can pursue an automobile technician course for just ₹11,000? Yes, the CEDP Skill Institute India, through the “Learn and Earn Scheme,” has made it possible for students who quit their dream to pursue their dream courses just for the sake of high fees.

Pursue an Automobile Technician Course at Just ₹11,000

Imagine pursuing your passion for automobiles without the burden of exorbitant educational expenses. The CEDP Skill Institute has introduced the Learn and Earn Scheme, which offers the Diploma in Automobile Technician at an incredibly affordable cost of just 11,000 INR.

This innovative program not only has low fees for the course but also gives students the chance to work part-time or in paid internships in the industry to obtain real-world experience. Students will undoubtedly acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for a successful career in automotive technology with this dual approach.

Advantages of the Learn and Earn Scheme

Affordability: By lowering fees, a wider range of students can now access education, removing financial barriers.

Practical Experience: Learn and Earn Scheme participants gain practical experience that improves their employability after the program.

Industry Links: Students build important contacts in the automotive industry through internships and part-time jobs, which may lead to future employment prospects.

Holistic Learning: Integrating theoretical understanding with real-world application guarantees a comprehensive education that equips students to face the demands of the automotive industry.

Education does not mean being burdened with debt. Education must be a freedom and opportunity to learn. The CEDP Skill Institute understands this very well and makes sure that every student has access to quality education. Enroll in an automobile technician course for just ₹11,000 now and begin your journey in the automotive industry.

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