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12 Tips To Get Highest Marks in 12th Board Exams

Board exams are difficult times for all students. After the 1st board exam of Class X, the 2nd one of Class XII is more difficult. Also known as HSC exam, the results of this examination play an important role in deciding the future of the candidate. The moment dates for the HSC exam are declared, an untold fear grasps the students. But student counsellors opine that getting nervous will not solve any problem. Rather than getting scared and nervous, making proper preparations for the exams will be of greater help.

Mentioned below are some highly effective and important tips, which will help in getting high marks in HSC exams without fail.

Tip 1: Keep on challenging yourself for doing better

Remember that you are your greatest contender. Try to do better than the previous time. Take challenges in the form of exams. If in the last exam, you secured 50% marks, try to outdo that by scoring 60% in the coming exam. Defeat the previous percentage and always target for higher scores. Target increase in overall percentage than considering marks in individual subjects. This will help in analysing the exact areas you need to improve on and this will boost up scores and percentage.

Tip 2: Maintain the right attitude all throughout

Maintaining a positive attitude is very important in crucial stages of life. With this attitude, it is possible to tackle many difficult problems easily. A positive attitude helps in maintaining high confidence levels and with this it is possible to achieve flying colours in the toughest exams of life. Not only in HCS exams, positive attitude and high confidence levels can help in cracking the most difficult of interviews with ease.

Tip 3: The main syllabus book is important

Most of us immerse ourselves in innumerable reference books that are available for each subject. These heavyweight books help in understanding the subject in a better and easy manner. But most students ignore the main syllabus book while studying from the reference books. As per experts, it is always best to stick to the main syllabus book and cover everything that is there in the book. You will notice that students who fare with flying colours often stick to syllabus books only as they understand the true significance of the same. Board questions are always set from the syllabus book only. Reference books are good for competitive exams after Class XII.

Tip 4: Concentrate on the English paper

In Class XII, HSC exams, different students choose different streams like Arts, Science and Commerce. There are individual subjects in these streams and choices can be made as per preferences. Along with these subjects, there are language subjects too in the form of English and another language. Most students ignore the English paper and this might lead to drop in overall percentage. Along with preparing for other subjects, make sure that you pay equal importance to English paper as well.

Tip 5: Work on the weak areas more

If you have taken up Science stream, you might be good in Physics and Mathematics, but not that good in Chemistry. Identify the weak areas and start working on them so that these subjects do not impact the overall percentage. Most students don’t want to study subjects they are weak at, and this is the biggest mistake. Instead of shying away from the subject, try finding the weak points and work on them to turn them into strong areas.

Tip 6: Time management is very important

HSC exam is probably the most difficult exam, you will have faced till date. So start bracing yourself for that. Board exam preparation, one important thing to consider is learning proper time management skills. Make a daily schedule that you must follow. Utilize whatever little time you get for studies as this will help in increasing the marks considerably. Study subjects that you want to retain in memory during the morning hours when the mind is fresh. Invest minimum 8 hours in a day for studies. Equal time should be devoted to each subject so that every subject is covered.

Tip 7: Solve papers of previous years keeping the time in mind

Old question papers are great assets for students. It has been seen that students who have practiced question papers of previous years do much better on board exams when compared to students who haven’t done the same. Solve previous years’ question papers, keeping the time frame in mind. Do not solve the question paper in parts or take a longer time than needed. This will not serve the purpose. While solving the paper, start as if you are sitting in the exam hall and solve it accordingly. You might not be able to fare well right in the beginning, but with practice you will surely be able to do better. Practicing 10 years question papers are the best thing to do.

Tip 8: Concentrate on cleanliness of the answer sheet

It is quite obvious that an answer sheet, which is clean, fetches more marks than the one which is filthy. Many students cut through lines and words innumerable times in the answer sheet, hampering the neatness and cleanliness of the sheet. Many students ignore these simple things, but these can help in fetching few extra marks in board exams. And these few extra marks help in boosting the overall percentage to quite an extent.

Tip 9: Take care of your health

It is needless to say that exam times are highly stressful. Therefore, it is important that you take proper care of your health at this time. Eat properly, take proper rest and indulge in activities which keep the mind relaxed. This is important because if your health is not good, you will not be able to handle the stress of exams well.

Tip 10: The night before the exam is crucial

You might be surprised to know that the night before the HSC board exam is very crucial. Almost 10% of your marks depend on the night before the exam. Try and stay as relaxed as possible before the exam night. Don’t rush through the notes and books as this will puzzle your mind. Eat well and sleep properly so that you wake up fresh and fine on the morning of the exam. You will be able to perform much better in the exam.

Tip 11: On the day of the board exam

On the day of the exam, keep your cool as much as possible. If you find that there are pending things to study, ignore them. Concentrate on things you know instead of fretting about things you don’t know. The best thing is to keep all books, notebooks and notes at home and reach the exam center with free mind. Try to focus and concentrate without stressing yourself much.

Tip 12: In the examination hall

Once the exam bell rings and question papers are distributed, gather all your mental strength and convince yourself that you will do great. Read each question in detail and chalk a plan as which ones you will do first. Attempt the questions that you know very well. Starting with these will boost your confidence. Read through the answers and revise them after writing. Don’t panic if you don’t know a particular question. Leave that for last.

Apart from these above mentioned tips, there are some other real time tips that are useful for HSC preparations. Some of them are as follows:

  • Stop attending get togethers and parties at least 3 months before your exam. These can be highly distracting.
  • Try staying away from social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and so on as they take away much of your precious time.
  • Minimize the use of your smart phone as much as possible. Refrain from using messenger apps like WhatsApp etc. You can use them only for study purpose, discussing things with other students etc.

With the help of these tips, no one can stop you from getting high marks in HSC board exams. We, at CEDP Skill Institute wish the students appearing for their HSC board exams all the best. You can contact us regarding any kind of help and assistance required for the exam.

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  1. Mansi More says:

    I am satisfied with this tips n I hope it will work for the students it is as easy as we can say Frankly I believe in such tips

  2. ritu priya says:

    I really like this mam
    But also I have to ask more questions with u
    Inspire of knowing all this
    We just want to do so
    But it not happens

  3. ritu priya says:

    I want to study
    But u know
    When I sit for studying
    My heart don’t allow
    It is becoming after the 10th examination I read your every tips but …

  4. i’m satisfied with these tips nd i hope these tips make me success in 12 th board exam 2018.thnxx

  5. MUKUL KUMAR says:

    These all tips are very good for me or all students which are given 12 board exams.So i will follow these tips and become topper of india.Thank u!

  6. Aastha says:

    these tips are helpful but the article also exaggerates about the difficulty of the exams, of course the board exams are difficult but not as much as this article is showing it to be

    • Saif says:

      Thank you Aashta, we would love to jot down more points in future. It’s our duty to lessen the gap between difficult things and make things look easy.

  7. Brij Bhushan says:

    I am very impressed from these tips because these tips is very beneficial for students for board exams. I will definitely follow them.

    • Saif says:

      Thank you, dear Brij Bhushan.
      We appreciate your views on our work, will definitely bring more testimonials for students who are baffle with such concepts.

  8. Yash b says:

    I am not able to concentrate on my board syllabus as I have studies for jee whole year and now when board exam are about a month away I am felling to much stressed and can’t even complete one chapter a day . I can’t mug up everything what to do plzz help.

    • Saif says:

      Dear yash,
      Peace out! Don’t encumber yourself with entrance test, there are other ways too get into International Hotel management for now just you need to concentrate on your board exams and chose your target smoothly and for the remaining thing we are there to help you.

  9. Prasad Deshpande says:


    The Exam tips are really helpful.

    I want to ask something about my Daughter. She is appearing for 12th Exam this year.
    In the first class prelim exam she got very less marks.
    She is studying whole day but the results are still not that satisfactory.
    Something is wrong the way she is doing the study.
    Can you please guide me on how should she do the study.


  10. Anita Sinha says:

    How do I prepare for boards in less than a month? And we’ll have a tough paper in 2019 HSC board exam.
    I am weak at chemistry and physics.

    • Vasim_Shaikh says:

      Hi Anita,

      Im sure you have given your best shot at the chemistry papers, lets await for the chemical reaction of results 🙂


  11. Gurwindar singh says:

    Nice thank u

  12. Srabani says:

    Very nice tips I hope I am best performance in the exam , thank you so much 😊

  13. Sheikh humma says:

    These tips are really good to concentrate on our studies …
    Inshallah i will work on these and i’ll get highest marks ..
    Thanks for these tips as they are very helpful

  14. Devashish Niphade says:

    I think this tips will surely help me in my last 3 months of class 12 exam’s preparation (HSC board).
    CEDP skill institute , is like a personal mentor , who guides us in our difficult times…
    I’m very satisfied with this “GOLDEN TIPS”. Thank your to Ms.Shaheeb Khan , for providing this tips to us.
    God bless you all and be happy and make others happy 🥰🙏🏻

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