Lastly, all the students were given information on Wine tasting and also an opportunity to taste the best 6 blends of Sula Wines.CEDP, the pioneer institute in skill development and training keeps on organising various types of industry tours on behalf of the students to give them the first hand information, while at the same time maintaining a balance between industry and academia.About CEDP Skills Institute:Council of Education and Development Programmes (CEDP) was formed in the year 2010, with a sole objective of providing improved quality of life to individuals and groups through apt training and education. Since then, the organization has strived to provide the most relevant training solutions to not only the metro and the mini-metro cities of the country, but to the most remote geographies so that the student communities at large can benefit from the knowledge gained from the education provided and enhance their employability and therefore, employment opportunities.CEDP was recognized with an image to create global excellence in skill development by creating opportunities, space and scope for the development of talent of Indian youth by making them globally employable under the leadership and thought process of Mrs Shaheen Khan and Mr Vasim Sheikh.