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Dr. Neeha Qureshi at Skill Talk

Dr. Neeha Badruddin Qureshi honored our master class, Skill Talk with her presence as a guest lecturer. She has been associated with renowned hospitals and organizes various health awareness programs.  It was a great opportunity for our DMLT batch students to learn new skill sets from Dr. Neeha who explained the role of a good oral health for maintaining overall health and well-being.

Dr. Neeha explained how oral health can help identify other health issues in body. She encouraged our future lab technicians to do things beyond their job role while collecting the sample. If they see some skin irritation, infection, or any other problem related to mouth in patients, they should advise them to consult specialists.

Dr. Neeha encouraged students to maintain a good oral care as it can reduce the risk factors that can cause teeth and gum problems as well as trigger other health conditions. Bacteria and other germs can enter our body through our mouth if good oral hygiene is not maintained. She also provided valuable information on how certain kinds of oral health signs and symptoms can help identify different types of diseases including diabetes, cancer, AIDS etc. that can be life-threatening.

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