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Passionate about cars and their mechanics? So, we want to let you know about some exciting news! The Learn and Earn Scheme offered by the CEDP Skill Institute is a perfect opportunity to turn your passion into a career. Receive expert training in the automotive industry for only ₹11,000, plus get the added benefit of making money while you learn!

Let’s get to know more about this amazing scheme.

CEDP Skill Institute: The Learn and Earn Scheme @  ₹11,000

Higher education is important for all, and financial barriers should not stop you from achieving your dreams. That is why, for your benefit, the CEDP Skill Institute has launched the Learn and Earn Scheme so that for just ₹11,000 you can become a Skilled Automobile Technician.

Our Certificate in Automobile Technician and other courses are available for this affordable price, and on top of that, it lets learners earn a stipend while they are learning, making it possible for them to survive as they start this exciting journey.

The Skilled Automobile Technician Course

Let us take a closer look at what the Certificate in Automobile Technician includes:

Hands-On Training:

With this course, you get to learn the skills that are needed in the real world. You will get to learn skills like finding issues, fixing them, and maintaining many different cars. To be able to learn these skills correctly, you will get to use all the modern facilities and tools that help you gain practical experience and skills.

Wide-Ranging Curriculum:

The curriculum we offer is intended to provide you with the complete theory and practice of every aspect of Automotive Technology. This is done to make sure that you learn every little thing there is to learn, from electrical systems to engine components and much more.


Once you complete the course, you are awarded the Certification, which is recognized by the industry and can help you start your journey as an automobile technician and open the door to a variety of career opportunities.

Job Placement Assistance:

We help you launch your career at the CEDP Skill Institute in addition to providing training. Your transition from a student to a qualified technician will be smooth because of our employment assistance services, which will put you in touch with leading automotive businesses.

Earning Potential:

You will enter a profession where there is a high need for skilled automobile technicians. The skills you learn during this course are going to help you build a career in the automotive industry and start the life that you want.

There is no better time to fulfill your lifelong ambition of becoming an automotive technician than right now. You can enroll in our course for just ₹11,000 with the Learn and Earn Scheme at CEDP Skill Institute and begin earning while you learn. Now finances can’t stop you from making the most of this amazing chance to make a career out of your passion for cars. Join us right away to launch your future into success!

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