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Hospitality Job is an in-demand career in Abu Dhabi

The capital of United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is a bustling centre for Government and business. The oil-rich emirate is investing billions of dollars in industry, infrastructure and tourism to diversify its economy away from oil. Abu Dhabi welcomed a record 10 million hotel guests in 2018, and industry sources say that hotel rooms booking are increasing following a significant surge in business activities. City’s tourism is booming and the hospitality industry is becoming an exciting career choice for most of the expats and localities as well.


Career in hospitality industry

Desiring a career that offers excellent opportunities? Then choose the hospitality industry that offers endless employment options with greater incentive benefits, salary and mobility. The city welcomes both leisure and business travelers giving a boost to this sector.

The business travel sector is projected to contribute US$1.39 billion to the emirate by 2020 as revealed by Tourism and Culture Authority. It is promoting the emirate as meetings, conferences and exhibition (MICE) destination which are contributing to the growth of hospitality industry.

Abu Dhabi showcases a perfect blend of traditional ethos and contemporary culture making it a tourists’ paradise. The city is attracting the vacationers for its architecture marvels, stunning beaches, traditional and cultural monuments, adventure destinations and ultramodern shopping malls.

With a massive influx of travelers, many new international branded hotels are being built in the city which are looking for skilled and well-trained professionals for smooth operations of the property. Hence, making a career path in Abu Dhabi’s hospitality sector would be a great choice.  You choose a job role in core areas of hotel management including Front Desk Operation, Housekeeping, Food & Beverage services, Food Production etc.

Currency of Abu Dhabi                                                    

The UAE dirham (AED or Dhs) is the local currency of Abu Dhabi. Credit and debit cards are widely accepted including shopping malls, major supermarkets, petrol stations and airport. You can exchange foreign currencies at licensed exchange offices, banks and hotels.

Monthly allowance for students

Hospitality industry presents highly promising career opportunities for skilled professionals. Attractive salary + extra benefits and incentives are the key perks of hospitality jobs.

Across the United Arab Emirates, the Ministry of External Affairs has a standard laid down for hiring of international students who wish to come pursue exposure to luxurious hospitality culture of the Emirates. As a part of the monthly allowance given to the interns’ accommodation is provide on sharing basis to all interns within the nearby housing complex owned by respective properties for all international onboarding, The transport to and fro from the accommodation to the property using the shuttle service ensures the interns are able to report to the line of work on time. All staff are provided with on duty meals in the staff dining arena, which comprises of nutritional food from across the various cuisines of the world adding a different dimension to the multi-culture work environment. All employees including interns are covered under the medical insurance requirement as per the directive of Ministry of External Affairs. Apart from all the above mentioned benefits the interns also get a monthly allowance which range from 900 to 1200 AED per month. Owing to being a popular tourist destination a great customer service with smile ensures a good daily earning in the form of Service Charge which could vary depending on the guest’s, an average of 10-50 AED per day is what one could expect as form of earnings via TIPS.

YAS Island is a Centre of multi-purpose leisure, shopping and entertainment hosting an array of popular attractions such as Ferrari world, Yas Waterworld, Yas Marina Circuit, Yas Beach, Yas Mall and more.

Get familiar with Abu Dhabi’s culture and etiquettes

Get yourself acquaint with Abu Dhabi’s cultural nuances, rooted in Arabic’s Islamic culture. The emirate has a diverse and multicultural society and is generally more tolerant than the neighboring cities. As cosmopolitan atmosphere is flourishing in the city, one can find a variety of Asian and Western schools, cultural centres and themed restaurants.

Located on Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi is home to an array of magnificent attractions such as Qasr al-Hosn, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre, Dalma Mall, Heritage Village, Heritage Village and more. Tourists can also enjoy a lot outdoor activities in the desert safari such as camel ride, sandboarding, dune bashing and desert camping.

Arab cuisine is popular in Abu Dhabi with meat, fish, and rice being its staple foods. One can relish upon variety of meat including lamb, mutton goat and beef. Other than Emirati cuisine, fast food and South Asian cuisines are widely available at the eating outlets.  Though serving pork in not illegal but it is only served to non-Muslims in designated areas. A liquor permit is required to purchase alcohol.

Emirates dress up in traditional attires. Men wear full length shirt-dress called dishdasha with a white or red checked head dress (gutra). Women wear a black abaya a long black robe and a headscarf (sheyla).

Climate of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi enjoys a hot desert climate with sunny days throughout the year. June to September is generally extremely hot and humid with maximum temperatures averaging above 41 °C (106 °F). Sandstorms occur occasionally during these months. November to March, the climate is cooler and ranges between moderately hot to mild. Sometimes dense fog can be seen and light rain showers may also occur intermittently.

Be a part of Abu Dhabi’s hospitality industry

Abu Dhabi continues to witness a surge in travelers visiting the city majority coming from India, China and the United Kingdom. From January to November 2018, the number of hotel guests visiting the emirate reached 4.6 million, according to data compiled by the Department of Culture and Tourism.

The hospitality industry started off 2019 with a bang. The four and five-stars hotels showed 90 per cent room occupancies.

Whether you choose to take a job role of chef, front desk, hotel manager, waiter, housekeeper, supervisor or any other managerial position, hospitality jobs will be a lucrative career for you which is looking for energetic and well trained professionals across operational and functional areas. International Hotel Management course can help you enter this fastest-growing industry as you learn the nuances of technological advancements in this sector.

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