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How to Start a Career as a Chef

Do you aspire to transform your passion of cooking into profession?

Well, if you’re looking for a rewarding career as a chef, you must possess exceptional culinary skills to treat the taste buds of food lovers. Cooking is not just now confined to traditional kitchen! The modern chef skills are a blend of passion, creativity, hard work and experimental for the art of cooking.

Expertise in signature dishes

People take a break from their routine and step out for dining with friends and family. As dining has become a trend, food industry is experiencing a decent growth rate in small as well as big cities. Hotel and restaurants are very well aware of the fact that their success largely depends on the chefs as diners are more lured towards the quality of food than price. Thus, the hospitality industry recruits a culinary expert who can make signature dishes and leaves their customers craving for more when they relish that last spoon off their plates.


Gain incredible cooking skills

If you are passionate about creating mouth-watering culinary delights and consider presenting food as an art, you can definitely pursue a career in as a chef. To hone your skills and stay competitive in the culinary world, you must not only be passionate about cooking but also master the culinary art with new and extremely delicious recipes.  A relevant degree or diploma can help you achieve your dream career in the best way and hone your cooking skills.

How to become a chef?

After your 12th (HSC), you can take up the professional courses, degree or diploma. The duration of the courses varies from one institute to another. Apart from food production, the hotel management courses offer specialization in housekeeping operations, front office operations and F&B services. To become a chef, you have to learn how to be experimental in recipes and at the same time must have proper knowledge related to the nutritional value as many people are very particular about the same while on a diet.



To cater the demand for skilled and competent chefs, an array of courses in food processing, catering technology and other relevant areas are being offered by hotel management institutes across the country. Some of the institutes have collaborated to offer the in-demand courses. Below are the courses that include a bachelor’s degree or a diploma:

Hotel Management Courses in India

  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • International Hotel Management
  • Bachelor’s degree in catering technology & culinary arts
  • BA (honours) culinary arts
  • Post Graduate Diploma in culinary arts
  • Diploma in food & beverage service
  • Diploma in bakery & confectionery
  • Diploma in kitchen management
  • Diploma in bakery & patisserie
  • Diploma in culinary arts
  • Craft certification course in food production
  • Craftsmanship course in food & beverage service
  • Craftsmanship course in food production & patisserie

Chef Job Prospects

Upon completion of bachelor’s degree, a certificate or a diploma course from an institute, you must do internship from a hotel. Some institutes provide assured industry exposure through internship in leading hotels.

Once you have gained They will also get placements in the air catering industry, food processing companies, catering in confectioneries, cruise, clubs and corporate companies. One can also think about setting up their own business related to food and catering.

Chef Salary in India

The salary of the chef purely depends on their skills. A fresher can earn more than 2.5 lakhs per annum in any three-star hotel. With skills and experience, one can earn more than 6 lakhs per annum. The sous chef will earn at least 4 lakhs per annum in any hotel or restaurant. The sky is the limit for the executive chef.

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